Why can Queen Fucha’s "cold and bone" be pregnant?You should know these reasons!

The summer vacation Xiaobian is really a circle of friends by a drama

Every day is a variety of CP

Emperor’s queen CP, decent CP, CP, Wei Long CP

In fact, Xiaobian still prefers the specialty CP. Hey, what else can Er Qing get the box lunch? In episode 54, Er Qing finally received the lunch box really ordinary celebration, hahaha!

However, the most thing that makes Xiaobian feel is our Bai Yueguang rich queen. Although she received the box lunch early, the editor really likes her. So a gentle woman is indeed a variety of calculations, heaven, heaven, heaven.Not public, the queen mother -in -law played by Qin Lan in the play, gentle, virtuous, clever, atmospheric, and nothing to grab anything;There are no children, which not only makes the queen itself lose, but also affects the status of our queen mother.

Even the queen herself lamented: "How can a woman who is cold and bone, how can she have a child?".

The queen of Fucha was chilling "painful every night, and it was difficult to fall asleep." For this reason, she specifically found Chunfei secretly to treat herself acupuncture treatment, and there was also bad rumors.I really feel bad about our queen mother.So today we mainly talk about "Gong Han".

What is "Gong Han"?

The name of Gong Han is the abbreviation of "the cold of the uterus". It is a concept of traditional Chinese medicine, and Gonghan is also divided into congenital and acquired. The congenital palace cold refers to the cold of women’s kidney yang and too much cold in the body.The day after tomorrow is due to the invasion of nature, such as eating cold drinks and cold things, or too much air conditioning in summer.

Gong Han will easily lead to symptoms such as cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and poor complexion.

Will "Gonghan" cause women infertility?

Gong Han can cause women infertility, but not to say that Gonghan’s women will be infertile. We can see that Gong Han’s women’s menstruation is mostly delayed, which will affect the fetal development of the fetus and affect pregnancy to a certain extent.In addition, the decrease in the temperature of the uterus is not suitable for the growth of the fetus, and even if you are pregnant, it will easily have a miscarriage.

What are the symptoms of Gonghan?

The amount of leucorrhea is more and clear

Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea

Calm and multi -miscarriage

Leng, vertigo


Sleeping and back pain, dull complexion

For Gong Han, our queen mother chose the traditional Chinese treatment method "acupuncture" and timely treatment to recover the body.But over time, there are many treatments for cold, like any barley and ginger tea.I suggest that you must treat it in time when you have moisture.

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