Why can’t men smoke and drink during pregnancy?These 4 major hazards have to be guarded

If you want to have eugenics, you must have a healthy and lovely baby, and you must be actively and scientifically prepare for pregnancy. Not only do women pay more attention, but men must also participate and prepare for pregnancy.Many men in real life do not pay attention to pregnancy, and they still smoke and drink. There are still some bad habits, which causes some bad consequences. Some make their wives unable to conceive, and some affect their babies.Pain.

1. Affect sperm

Whether it is smoking or drinking, it will affect the sperm quality of men and the sperm activity of men.The harmful substances in tobacco will reduce the vitality of the sperm, let alone alcohol. The effect of long -term excessive drinking on sperm is particularly great.In addition, drinking can also increase male sperm malformation rates.This is not only easy to benefit women. Even if women succeed in pregnancy, they will easily abortion because of sperm’s problems, and may even affect their future babies and let their babies suffer from congenital diseases.

2. Decreased physical fitness

If men do not leave their hands all day, drink without leaving, and often drink excessive drinking, and smoking one by one will affect the health of men.Boys’ resistance will decrease, bacteria and viruses will easily take advantage of it, and their physical fitness decreases, and it is easy to get sick.Some diseases can be transmitted through sexual life. Men suffer from this disease. Through sexual life, this disease is transmitted to women. If it is a sexually transmitted disease, it may affect their offspring.This is not a trivial matter. This is a possible thing that may cause everyone’s attention.

3. Affects male sexual function

The impact of smoking and drinking on male sexual function is subtle. It does not cause men to suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation at once.If you drink too long for a long time, you have been smoking and alcohol for many years, and you will easily reduce your sexual ability and even cause your sexual dysfunction.There is no way to go smoothly in sexual dysfunction, or even if you can perform sexual life, it will not be particularly harmonious, which will affect pregnancy and make pregnancy unable to succeed.

4. Affect fetal health

If men still smoke and drink during pregnancy, they will affect the health of the fetus.First of all, it will cause abnormal conditions for sperm. If the sperm malformation rate is high, in addition to the successful conception of women, it will also affect the development of the fetus and increase the malformation rate of the fetus.In addition, it is easy to cause chromosomal abnormalities, which will cause children to suffer from tritenal syndrome, and problems such as low intelligence and slow growth and development.

In addition to quitting smoking and drinking during pregnancy, men also need to pay more attention in many aspects.First of all, do n’t eat healthy foods often. You should cook at home at home. This is healthier and the taste is lighter.The second is to develop a good habit of exercise, exercise at least three times a week, and exercise for an hour each time.There is also eating folic acid with his wife to improve sperm quality and is good for preparing pregnancy.

Men must not continue to smoke and drink during pregnancy. It will not only affect women’s conception, but also affect the health of the fetus.Besides, this is the two bad habits of living habits, which will cause harm to men’s health. The earlier, the better it is to themselves.

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