Why can’t you be pregnant?Maybe it is a fallopian tube blocking, see if there are any these symptoms

Wallopian blockage is one of the important reasons for women’s infertility. Many women have prepared for a long time to go to the hospital to check the fallopian tube blockage.In fact, there are obvious symptoms of tubal blockage. Only early can it be solved early and welcome your baby as soon as possible.Let’s take a look at the causes and symptoms of tubal clogging.

1. Abortion

If women with a history of flow production are more prone to fallopian tubes, because abortion will not only cause inflammation of women’s reproductive organs, but also cause scars in tubes.Women have the case of fallopian tubes.

2. Gynecological inflammation

Some gynecological inflammation can also cause women with fallopian tubes. For example, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can cause the falling tube to accept the ends of the eggs.In addition, some severe gynecological inflammation will affect the physiological function of the fallopian tube. For example, the fallopian tube will become stiff, and even the fallopian tube will distort and block, thereby losing fertility.

3. Pelvic adhesion

Like some women who have done pelvic surgery, it is very easy to cause pelvic adhesions. Pelvic adhesion will cover the end of the ovarian or tubal, or stick the fallopian tube and other tissues, which will cause the fallopian tube to block.Therefore, if the pelvic adhesion occurs, it must be treated in time, and after pelvic surgery, postoperative care must be done to prevent pelvic adhesion.

4. appendic disease

Like some women who have appendicitis or appendix perforation, the probability of blocked fallopian tubes will be greatly increased, because when perforation surgery is performed, the fallopian tube may be damaged.In addition, after the appendicitis is obtained, the inflammation will spread to the fallopian tube, causing inflammation of the fallopian tube, and the consequences of inflammation will cause adhesion or blockage of the fallopian tube, causing women infertility.

1. Dysmenorrhea serious

Girls’ fallopian tubes can cause pelvic congestion of women. This situation will cause women to have more serious dysmenorrhea. This dysmenorrhea is called congested dysmenorrhea.

2. Abdominal pain

Women with fallopian tubes will have many symptoms of abdominal discomfort. For example, abdominal pain, and soreness on the back of the waist and back, which needs to attract the attention of women.

In addition to affecting women’s fertility, this disease can also cause other physical health problems.Therefore, it should be treated in a timely manner if the fallopian tube is blocked and cannot be delayed.

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