Why do he hold hemorrhoids during pregnancy and how to prevent long hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Hemorrhoids may be itchy, uncomfortable, and durable pain.Although it may not make people feel comfortable now, they must know that they are harmless and common, bothering more than half of pregnant women.

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are venous veins in the rectal end and anal subcutaneous skin, expanding soft hemangioma -like lesions, not skin diseases or cancer, often manifested in the lumps around the anus and inside the anus, and there willBlood on the hand paper.It is more susceptible to the crowd, and both men, women, and children can get sick, but they do not have heredity and infectiousness.

Why do you grow hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is very easy to obtain hemorrhoids. During pregnancy, hemorrhoids are related to factors such as pelvic cavity and abdominal pressure during pregnancy, changes in body hormone levels and changes in living habits.

First, because the uterus gradually increases the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, the abdominal pressure gradually increases, and the influx of the lower cavity vein is not smooth.It will increase the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Second, the level of hormone levels during pregnancy, increase the elasticity of venous blood vessels, increase the elasticity of venous blood vessels, and easily cause intravenous relaxation and expansion, which makes hemorrhoids more susceptible to disease.

Third, hormone levels during pregnancy, changes in dietary habits, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction, which can easily cause constipation.During defecation, squeeze the rectum and anus forcefully, causing the hemorrhoidal veins of the anus to be blocked, which further aggravates the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Fourth, the possibility of hemorrhoids in normal life is relatively high. Before pregnancy, there will be hemorrhoids. The symptoms of hemorrhoids will increase after pregnancy.

What is the most important thing to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

1. Adjust your diet, eat reasonably, do not overeating, eat more foods with more dietary fiber.

2. Avoid sitting for a long time or not exercising for a long time, you should exercise appropriately.

3. You can properly do anal lifting exercise, and put away the anus to keep 2S and let go. Of course, this exercise is when the fetus is relatively stable in the middle of pregnancy.

4. Keep local cleaning, insist on cleaning the perianal periana every day, and promote the blood circulation of the perianal.

Reminder: If you have hemorrhoids during pregnancy, do not use the drug casually. You must consult a professional doctor and then use the drug.

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