Why do husbands and wives prepare for pregnancy?You can also do these 3 points

Xiao Luo and his wife have been married for 3 years. They have always wanted a child, but they were contrary to their wishes. The two were prepared for two years, but they couldn’t get pregnant. They went to the hospital for examination. Both sides had no problems.What is even more helpless is that they are younger than one year later than themselves. Now the child is 1 year old, but the two of our husband and wife have not upgraded to be a parent’s audio. Wife has to wait for a test tube.Baby.But the opposite of Xiao Ronaldo is that Nana’s encounter.Nana was actually unmarried. She had never thought of conceiving children so early, and did not want to get married so early.However, her boyfriend, that is, the current husband, pregnant with her currently staying, and can only get married.Seeing this, many people start to worry. Why is the more who want to be pregnant and the more they can’t be pregnant, the more they don’t want to be pregnant, but they don’t want to be pregnant?In fact, preparing for pregnancy is the time and place of peace and place, and the three are indispensable.

Speaking of pregnancy, I believe that this topic is polarized.Many young couples have such feelings. They are obviously very serious and worked hard to prepare for pregnancy, but why can’t I always be pregnant!For a long time for pregnancy, the couple began to lose confidence, and they also started to doubt: Is there any problem with their own body?For some other couples, they often "do it once."Why can some couples "do it once", but some husbands and wives can’t be pregnant for a long time?In fact, if the husband and wife can do these 3 points during pregnancy, you can also "get it once."

Women will only discharge one egg in a month, and usually discharge 14 days before the next menstrual period. This time is also called ovulation day.The first 5 days and 4 days before ovulation day, these 10 days are ovulation.Many couples during pregnancy will start to calculate women’s ovulation days, because in the same room on ovulation days, the chance of combining sperm and eggs will be greatly increased.However, in fact, many couples do not know that ovulation days are not the best time to conceive.On the first day of ovulation day, it is actually the best time to conceive.Because after the same room, sperm can survive for 48-72 hours in women’s body.It takes time to reach the position of the eggs. This day can help sperm to meet the eggs more smoothly.The vitality of the egg is not strong. If the sperm is combined with the egg before the egg is not lost, it is difficult to successfully fertilize.

However, many women may have irregular menstruation because of their living habits and eating habits.This also caused women to be allowed to be accurate for their ovulation and ovulation days.This increases the difficulty of preparing pregnancy, so during pregnancy, women should condition their bodies so that they will not increase the difficulty of preparing pregnancy.

Many couples during pregnancy will become nervous and anxious."Why are I so hard, why can’t I be pregnant!", "I chose the ovulation day in the same room, why there is no good news" … From these words, we can feel that these long -term pregnancy is still pregnant but still pregnantThe couple who can’t be pregnant, the mentality really explodes in minutes!

Those husbands and wives who have been pregnant for a long time but have been unable to conceive for a long time may increase the number of times in the same room because of anxiety.In fact, this approach will only be counterproductive, which will not increase the chance of pregnancy.During the pregnancy, too frequent rooms will not only make the couple very tired, but also greatly reduce the quality of sperm.Therefore, the couple during pregnancy must not think that the more times, the easier it is to be pregnant.This is why, some couples can conceive once.Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good attitude to maintain a good attitude.

During pregnancy, both men or women must maintain a healthy living habit.For women, during pregnancy, we must adjust their bodies, go to bed early and get up early, and stay away from tobacco and alcohol.One more thing to pay attention to is diet. During pregnancy, many women may start to supplement and eat various supplements and nutrition products.In fact, women are not very useful at this time. Blind supplements at this time will affect the original balance of the body, but will increase the difficulty of conception.For men, at this time, you must stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol will not only affect the quality and vitality of sperm, drink and smoke for a long time, but also "kill sperm".In addition, at this time, both the husband and wife try to develop the habit of exercise, which is great for preparation.Therefore, during pregnancy, whether it is men and women, it is important to develop healthy living habits.

Those husbands and wives who have been preparing for pregnancy, but have been unable to conceive, don’t complain anymore, don’t lose confidence, and don’t envy those husbands and wives who "do it once".Yes.I hope that each couple during pregnancy can be "in the middle."

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