Why do many women now "get married first and then get married"?The reason for men knows

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Two days ago, an old classmate posted a wedding invitation, saying that she was going to get married.However, I remember when she just asked when she was going to get married. She said that she was not comfortable enough. After two years, she was about to get married.She quietly told me: "Fengzi is married, there is no way." I don’t blame such a rhetoric, because many female friends around me are "married after pregnancy".

So, why are many women now "get married first after pregnancy"?The reason for men knows.

Young people love first, and they don’t care about it together

Nowadays, society is open, people have improved their thoughts, and many young people will live together before marriage.Therefore, even if there is no plan to get married, but if the young people love first, they will ignore it after they are together, and they will not pay attention to contraception, and they will inevitably "recruit".After pregnancy, because I am in love, my child is the crystallization of love, and he is naturally willing to stay, and then prepares to get married.

For this reason, men are the most well -known, because many women’s contraception fails, and men do not cooperate.Since there is a child, a man with a sense of responsibility is naturally willing to give the woman an explanation and be willing to bear this responsibility, so the two are married.Of course, if the girl is not pregnant, the two may not get married in the end, or they may get married a few years later.It can only be said that when the two sides are still in love, the woman is pregnant, it is indeed the best time to get married.

The woman’s family is opposed, the "馊 idea" from the man

In addition, the love is first and stunned. The girl "gets married first and then gets married", and there are people who intentionally intentionally.That is, when the two are together, the woman’s family disagrees. In order to be able to go together, the man has a "cricket idea" and cooks raw rice to mature rice. The woman’s family couldn’t help but promised the two to be together.

The bridge like this, not only often performs in TV series, but also in real life.Because the parents of the woman generally want their daughter to marry well, not to mention that there are cars and houses, at least the man must work well, and the family conditions are OK.However, there are many boys who do not enter the eyes of the woman’s family, so in order to be able to be together, whether the two young people discuss well or the man unilaterally deliberately, the girl will be pregnant before marriage.However, girls need to think clearly that the man’s value is not worthy of entrustment. Although unmarried pregnancy is not good -looking, he was forced to marry because of the so -called face.

The request of the man’s family is worried that the woman will not have children

Another reason is that a little "strange" is what the man’s family requires, because they are worried that the woman will not have children.Indeed, some families have a heavy concept of passing generation. Marrying a daughter -in -law is to have children, for fear that their son will not be born.Therefore, before getting married, the woman will be asked to "get married first and then get married". Some more strange places will also require the woman to have a boy to pass the door.

For this, men are naturally known.Therefore, for their parents, they will persuade the female to get pregnant first so that they can marry her.If this is the case, persuade the woman to consider it carefully, because even if the man in front of him is good, his family is a family who attaches great importance to the succession.This is the case before marriage. After marriage, it is more likely to have various things to give birth to a boy.Therefore, women must think clearly whether they can accept such families.

Netizens, what do you think of women "get married first and then get married"?


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