Why do more and more girls do not want to get married now?

Today, I have brushed a topic of more than 5.8 million. Why do more and more girls do not want to get married now?

A netizen said in the comments: Because it is boring, it really doesn’t feel that marriage is good for me. You say that the economy improves, what does the money you earn have something to do with you!If you are in a good mood, you can buy you a few hundred thousand things. When you turn your face, you say you spend money and give you thousands of living expenses.You will be broken, you won’t save it, and do I really have the benefit of that point?What necklace rings, Valentine’s Day gifts are not very expensive. I can buy it myself. I have no desire to have it.

Besides divorce, the probability of others will not give you the probability of others. If you say that the picture has an emotional dependence, it can be discussed. Some men do not have much responsibility.Move your mouth, skin and quickly coax, and pass the degree of not hindering him. This is mainly because they love themselves in selfishness, weigh the pros and cons, and the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law brought to women., Taking care of children’s hard work, housework for 2030 years, mental internal consumption, men do not know these, but they can choose, not much to know, because he is unwilling to take the initiative and take the initiative to share it, so selectively know to know the choice.A little bit, make some cups of watery salary sharing.

There are also derailment. As long as men have a chance, they don’t know how to write the word loyalty.

Anyway, most of the marriage, Tucai is not a picture, the feelings of the map are also difficult, there are that kind of man, there is love, righteous and conscience, and you also have responsibility.There will also be some garlic, and the disputes of chai oil and salt sometimes gamble, mainly because of economic and family positions. Anyway, it is difficult to persuade another person. Both sides have to make concessions.

For women, the other party can be considerate, because many men ignore women’s feelings. If the other party has no wisdom and mood, the oil and salt will not enter, and sooner or later they will be able to be aggrieved.One, there is one thing to bring people to understand a broader world and larger world, but this is unavoidable.

Are you married?Do you regret getting married?What do you think about not getting married?

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