Why do ovulation promotion?Be wary of what aspects we pay attention to

Ms. Liu, at the age of 29, has been preparing for half a year of pregnancy for half a year. She usually has irregular menstruation. It only come to the scriptures for two or three months or even half a year.When I went to the local clinic, the husband and wife were given the same room for more than 10 days after the treatment of drugs and injections.

Recently, the monthly period has not come for one week. Ms. Liu feels that her belly is swollen and started to care about it. Later, she swelled heavier. She was uncomfortable to eat something. She couldn’t lie flat at night, and she was difficult to bend over the shoelaces.When I touch my stomach, I swell like a drum, a weighing, and increased by more than 20 pounds in the past 10 days!

The Ms. Liu’s family hurried to our hospital for a clinic. The blood test showed that she was pregnant. The ultrasound examination found that the volume of the bilateral ovarian increased and the abdominal cavity was large.Poch the ascites and draw 4000ml pale yellow ascites, which is equivalent to 8 bottles of physiological saline that is usually infused!After the ascites were pulled out, Ms. Liu suddenly felt smooth breath and much easier.

Ms. Liu and her family who took a breath full of doubts:

1. Why do you have so much water in your belly after using ovulation -promoting drugs?

2. After the ascites are drawn this time, can I keep my fetus with peace of mind, so I don’t have to come to the hospital again?

Ms. Liu’s situation is medicine "Ovarian Excessive Stimulating Syndrome."Under normal circumstances, regular women are excreted every month-one egg.However, some women have abnormal ovulation or ovulation (common in polycystic ovary syndrome), or some people want to conceive their twins, or do IVF, use drugs to promote ovulation treatment to promote follicle development and growth.

Due to the different sensitivity to the drug, multiple follicles may develop at the same time after medication, and more than 10-20.So many follicles develop at the same time, causing excessive increase in estrogen levels in the body.When the follicles need to be mature, a needle and one person’s choric membrane promoter gonadotropin (HCG) to promote further maturity and ovulation of follicles. The role of high estrogen levels and HCG may cause excessive stimulation reactions.Leaks to the abdominal cavity, leading to ascites, abdominal distension, leaking into the chest cavity, causing chest water, and dyspnea.

Due to the leakage of a large amount of liquid from the blood, the blood capacity is insufficient, manifested as an accelerated heart rate, less urine, slow blood flow, or even thrombosis. Thrus blood vessels block the blood vessels in different parts, which will cause necrosis or dysfunction of the corresponding parts. In severe cases, it can cause death.

There are two cases of ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome:

1. Early hairstyle.

It appears within 9-10 days of injection. Due to the injection HCG, the symptoms will gradually be reduced with the metabolic decomposition of the drug;

2. Late hairstyle.

After the injection of HCG for 9-10 days, it was caused by HCG in the body after the embryo.Ms. Liu belongs to the second type, so the duration will be longer.How to deal with ovarian excessive stimulation syndrome?

Three -tube approach: pumping water, fluid replenishment, anti -thrombosis.

1. Pump water.

Host ascites, and abdominal distension is obviously tied with ascites; thoracic water, dyspnea, pumping chest water.

2. Replenishment.Then, then

After the water is pumped, the blood will also leak out of the new chest water and ascites. The blood capacity will be more insufficient. You need to replenish the liquid. The liquid 2000-3000ml (even more) is supplemented according to the condition of the condition to ensure that the blood capacity is sufficient.

Many nutrients include protein (containing 3-3.5g of protein per liter of ascites) because of the loss of ascites, and 20-50g of albumin is required daily.You can eat more protein foods such as eggs, beans, and protein powder.

3. Anti -thrombosis.

With high blood viscosity, drugs are used to prevent thrombosis.

After Ms. Liu took the ascites, she also supplemented her albumin at the same time, and told her to drink plenty of water, eat more protein foods, measure weight every day, and pay attention to the amount of urine.After 3 days of review, the abdomen rose again, and once again pierced 3500m ascites.After another 4 days, 4100m ascites were drawn, and the ultrasonic examination of the yin: There are three gestational sacs in the palace, which are triggered!

The pregnancy of twins and above is called "multi -pregnancy pregnancy". After pregnancy, the body burden of pregnant women will be aggravated. The risk of diabetes, hypertension, anemia, and bleeding greatly increases, and it is easy to produce premature birth and abortion that are not easy to survive.Ms. Liu had given birth to a child and asked for tire reduction.After 3 days, a tire reduction surgery was performed and reduced to two babies.Because Ms. Liu’s condition belongs to the severe ovarian excessive stimulus syndrome, she continues to be hospitalized to treat ascites after reducing tires, while protecting the tires. The current situation is stable.

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