Why do some people want to vomit as soon as they take a car?It turns out that their bodies have changed

Modern people have a qualitative leap compared to before. It is very convenient whether people drive or via other means of transportation.But for some people, "car" is like a nightmare.It is usually lively, but it becomes quiet as soon as I get on the car.This is because some people feel dizzy and disgusting as soon as they get on the car, which is usually called "motion sickness".

If there is no special smell in the car, and these people have no physical discomfort before that, but as long as they get on the car, they are uncomfortable. This situation can basically be judged as motion sickness, and the scientific name is halo disease.So why do some people feel dizzy and vomiting as soon as they get on the car?This is mainly because the human body has undergone special changes, and this change is caused by special fluctuations in a certain organs of the body.

When it comes to motion sickness, many people think of keywords such as vomiting and dizziness.If impressive, in fact, the biological teacher of junior high school has explained this problem.

In the ears structure, the current human beings know that the vestibular and semi -tube in the inner ear is the position sensor, which can feel the changes in the head position.Therefore, motion disease is related to vestibular, semicircular tube and earstone.

1. vestibule

The motion sickness phenomenon is mainly due to the differences between the physical movement changes and the information obtained by the visual system.During the vehicle driving process, the vestibus will tell humans to drive at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour and turn to 270 degrees three minutes ago.Another example is that after a one -centimeter deep pit, people themselves are motionless in the car, so that the human brain is trying to handle these contradictions, so that there will be faint disease.

2. Earstone

Erystone is a special organ that can directly cause faint disease, also called otolith.Simply put, when people ride a car, cars start to move, and the original balance of the human body will disappear, so dizziness will appear.So when people try to put on eye masks and let them fall asleep as soon as possible, the signs of motion sickness have not improved because of this. This is because the root cause of motion sickness is the earstone in the ears.

The operating principle of earstone is very simple. When the number of earstone in the left and right ear is significantly different, the sense of dizziness will be particularly obvious, so that the number of earstones in the ears is relatively normal if the number of earstones in the ears is relatively normal, That is, when the number is basically the same, there will be no obvious motion sickness. Therefore, the reason why people can motion sickness may be because the number of earstones on both sides is not equal.

3. Other reasons

Some people are older, and they will decrease. This is because the number of earstones in the ears has tended to fix as the age increases, which is enough to get rid of faint disease.But at this time, there is no obvious motion sickness even if you get in a car. If you choose to read your mobile phone or read a book, the motion sickness feels again!

This is not only because of earstone, but also caused by other problems in the body.

(1) Personal tolerance

Everyone’s tolerance for things is different.Although people with strong bodies are not easy to motion sick, this does not mean that people with weak bodies will motion sickness.The most important thing is to depend on the comprehensive quality of personal body, such as genetic, metabolism, exercise ability, physical fitness, lifestyle and habits.

It is unrealistic to rely on motion sickness and seasickness to judge your health.However, I have to say that a small part of the motion sickness is indeed related to the physical quality of the individual, so you need to exercise more and improve your physical fitness in order not to be affected by the pain of motion sickness and motion sickness.

(2) Personal psychological factors

To a certain extent, positive or negative psychological emotions will affect the probability of motion sickness.When people are sluggish, the body will be more sensitive at this time, and the probability of motion sickness will be higher.On the contrary, if people’s emotions are in a positive state, the cerebral cortex is active, and the probability of motion sickness will be relatively low.

(3) There is also a certain relationship with gender

Motion sickness is also related to gender and age. Is it more prone to motion sickness in men or women?The answer is that women are more prone to motion sickness and seasickness than men.Women’s risk of nausea and vomiting is 1.7 times that of men.Especially during menstruation and during pregnancy, the probability of motion sickness and seasickness will be higher than usual.

(4) Age factor

In terms of age, rarely motion sickness and motion sickness in babies under 2 years of age.This is related to the weak perception ability of young children, and the impact of visual vestibus is less affected.The age of 2 to 12 is the age group of motion sickness and seasickness, and about 40%of children will have motion disease during this period.Because children’s sensory organ is in a fast stage of development, and visual vestibus is prone to dislocation, it is more prone to motion sickness and seasickness.

Youth and adults after the age of 12 are used to riding cars and ships.During this period, the earstone of such people was repeatedly stimulated and began to adapt, so the proportion of motion sickness and motion sickness decreased accordingly.

(5) Exercise

This is also related to exercise. The more often people exercise, the less likely to motion sickness and seasickness.Aerobic exercise can enhance the reaction ability of individual autonomic nervous system (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis), thereby increasing the sensitivity to the environment when riding by car, thereby increasing resistance to motion sickness.

1. Look outside the window

Sitting on the front seat of the car, if people are sitting on the car seat of the car, the sight is blocked, and the scenery outside the car cannot be seen, then the people’s ears balancer is adapted to the speed of movement, so the eyes cannot judge that they are atSports or still.At this time, staring at the objects in the car, the signal sent by the eyes is the same as that of the brain.At this time, the unbalanced signal received by the brain will lead to motion sickness.

Therefore, the people of motion sickness should not read books or mobile phones in the car, and look at the window as much as possible. At this time, the eyes will tell their brain "the owner is moving now."This is more consistent with the signal passed to the brain in the ear, and people are not easy to motion sick.Therefore, people who are prone to motion sickness can look at the window as much as possible, do not read or play mobile phones in the car.

2. Air flow

In addition, it is necessary to keep the air circulation in the car. When the air in the car or in the ship is not circulating, the phenomenon of motion sickness and seasickness is more likely to occur.In addition, the vehicle will increase the smell of gasoline, increase hypoxia, or reduce the perception of the environmental changes in the skin.Therefore, if there is motion sickness, it is necessary to ventilate more to circulate air.

3. Exercise

Strengthen physical exercise, and usually do more movements, bend over, turn, squat and other actions to improve the tolerance of vestibular nerves.You can also often participate in some movements that help adjust the balance of the human body, such as autumn thousands, slides, horizontal bars, etc.Avoid irritating when taking a car, such as fatigue, lack of sleep, air pollution, emotional tension, special odor of gasoline and oil fume.

4. Limit head movement

When ride or take a boat, try to limit the movement of the head.You can fix your head on the back chair. If you can, try to choose the posture.

5. Diet

In addition, you can also adjust the way of diet, such as eating less foods containing too many spices and fat before getting on the car. Fry food should also be avoided., Especially fried food.

What about the child’s motion sickness?When the child is motion sick, how should adults help children relieve?

Some children feel dizzy, nauseous, or nausea when they smell the smell of gasoline in the car.In this case, you can open the window to keep the air flow, let the fresh air enter the car, and let the child breathe fresh air.If the conditions permit, get out of the car as soon as possible, and let the child walk after getting off the car, the symptoms will be relieved and disappeared.

You can also fix the child’s head and let the child look back at the back.When a child is motion sick, you can use a cool wet towel to apply it to the child’s forehead. Keep your back on your forehead, or fix your head to reduce the sense of bumps and prevent the child from nausea and vomiting.When a child is motion sick, you can give your child something to relieve nausea and vomiting.For example, you can eat a small amount of biscuits to relieve excessive exercise stomachs, and you can also eat some foods containing ginger, such as hard ginger sugar or ginger tea.

If you can’t alleviate it, you can only take motion sickness drugs. Children over 7 years of age can take mintinol (such as "Chronyl"), and children under 6 years old can take benzene.But pay attention!It is not recommended to use motion sickness stickers under the age of 12. It contains east molecine, and children may not be able to stand it.

1. Motion sickness

Many motion sickness people know their own situation, so they will prepare motion sickness or other special measures before getting on the car so that there will be no obvious motion sickness after getting on the car.The best way to prevent motion sickness is to take preventive measures in advance, such as buying motion sickness and motion sickness stickers. These have good results.

However, there are also individual groups that do not use motion sickness medicine, so it is recommended to bring a plastic bag with you when taking a car to prevent you from vomiting halfway.

2. Earth method

You can fold the surface of fresh orange peel (grapefruit skin, orange peel, etc.), and then squeeze the orange peel with your fingers at the two nostrils, which will spray the aromatic atmosphere to soothe people.However, whether this method is effective and lack of a certain scientific basis may be related to the appetite effect of Chenpi.

In addition, you can also take a piece of ginger in your mouth. This is because ginger has the effect of warmth and relieving vomiting, but the effect may vary from person to person. Friends with motion sickness can try it.

Another way is to overlook the distance that can relieve motion sickness. I believe most people have heard this principle since childhood, but why?Why can’t I look around and look at the distance?This is because people’s cars are driving forward. If you look at both sides at this time, ears and brains just form an wrong angle with people’s directions, leading to motion sickness.Always overlooking or far away can correct the visual system, thereby reducing discomfort.

3. Drive

It can be found in life that many people will feel motion sickness when they are in a car, but the probability of motion sickness will be greatly reduced by driving or co -driving.This may be because the attention is too concentrated to avoid the occurrence of motion sickness, so if you don’t want to motion sick, you can try to take a driving license by yourself.

Motion sickness has always been one of the top ten issues that have troubled humans in the 21st century. Some people’s vestibular functions are very sensitive, so it is more likely to motion sickness and motion sickness.This kind of people not only can’t take a car, they can only play some peaceful projects when they go to the playground, and have lost a lot of happiness.Such people can go to the hospital to check the vestibular function. If they are too sensitive, they can also do vestibular function training, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness.

Therefore, for friends with motion sickness, try to get a driver’s license early, and then drive by yourself. This will not only facilitate travel, but also alleviate the discomfort caused by motion sickness.In addition, you can always have some motion sickness medicine around you, and take the instructions before getting on the car to reduce the discomfort caused by motion sickness.

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