Why do women have back pain after giving birth?Doctor: Do this well, or you can avoid

For women, fertility itself is a great thing. When everyone comes to a happy new life, many mothers are actually suffering from their physical discomfort after fertility. Many new mothers will have back pain after giving birth.Don’t be too panic about this. As long as you understand the causes and treatment methods of back pain, you can help everyone alleviate the monkey’s discomfort.

Why do you have back pain after giving birth?

First of all, you don’t have to panic.Studies have shown that almost 50% of women will occur in the first few months after giving birth to their children. Therefore, please relax and understand why this happens.

Secondly, during pregnancy, women’s uterus will swell, weaken abdominal muscles, and pull forward spine forward, thereby putting pressure on the back and waist of the human body, and the incorrect posture during pregnancy may also cause back and waist pain.

Also, the increase in hormones may also cause low back pain, because during pregnancy, people’s body will release lutenone and relaxation hormones to relax the ligament and joints of the pelvic bone, so that the baby can be born easily, and these hormones will stay in women’s body to stay in women’s body.In a few months, it will also lead to back pain and low back pain.

Of course, if it is overweight during pregnancy, it will also cause additional pressure on people’s back and waist muscles, leading to chronic pain.So even during pregnancy, everyone must control weight.

So when can this kind of low back pain disappear?

Usually, low back pain disappears within six months after childbirth, because the level of high hormones will return to normal.In addition, everyone’s body will recover from childbirth in a few months, so low back pain and back pain will automatically be reduced.

However, in some cases, because the new mother does some physical labor after giving birth, the pain will last about one year.

But don’t worry, you can relieve this through some effective methods below.

1. Walk a lot

Even after just giving birth, the backache and back pain are very uncomfortable, but they still have to insist on exercise, such as walking around. Although this may be the least want to do, compared to other exercise, walking is the safest movement.You can start walking in an appropriate amount immediately after normally or even after a caesarean section. Of course, you can also choose yoga to enhance your nervous muscles.

You can also try to do these actions

• Lie on the floor on the floor, bend your knees

• Keep your feet flat on the floor

• Tighten the abdominal muscles and slightly

Bend the pelvis upward • Keep it for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Everyone must remember that if you have discomfort during exercise, stop immediately.In addition, if you have a cesarean section, you may need to wait at least six weeks to start this exercise.

2. Keep normal weight

After one month of delivery, try to return to normal weight, and the correct diet after pregnancy is very important. Pay attention to the balanced diet, develop a light taste, pay attention to the calories in the body, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, etc. This will help everyone to maintainThe ideal weight also helps to relieve back pain.

3. Sleep with a knee pillow

When you sleep, pinch the pillow between the knees to align your hips, which can effectively prevent pain and help everyone improve the quality of sleep.

Of course, do not lift heavy objects after childbirth, because this will cause severe pressure on the back muscles and joints, and it will further exacerbate pain.

Of course, everyone must take time to rest, learn to hug the baby correctly, and avoid holding the baby on one side for a long time, because this will increase the pressure on the back muscles.

4. Say "no" to high heels

Stop wearing high heels within a few months after delivery to avoid bathing with cold water, because it will strain the muscles and make back pain and low back pain more serious.After delivery, take a warm bath to relax the tension muscles.Everyone can also practice deep breath and tighten the abdominal muscles.Keep this movement 3 times and then exhale slowly, which will bring warmth and positive feelings, and alleviate the discomfort of back pain and waist pain.

Therefore, it is not easy for women to be a mother in themselves, but you do n’t have to panic too much. You must be patient, maintain a positive attitude, reduce stress, return to your body some time to return to normal.Donestion symptoms.

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