Why do you get tubulitis?These three causes are worth pondering

The fallopian tube is a pipelined pipe from women’s eggs. It has an important position in the body. Once there is a problem with the fallopian tube, not only will the fertility ability decrease, the amount of hormone secretion will be reduced, but also affects other organs.Among the many fallopian tube diseases, fallopianitis is very common, and many women are troubled in life. However, although it is common, many women do not understand the cause of the disease and are confused about it.In fact, the cause of tubalitis is more common in life.

1. Improper sexual life

Sexual life is frequent, menstrual rooms, and not paying attention to hygiene can cause infection and induce fallopianitis.

2. There is inflammation near the tissue

Other organs of women’s body, such as cervix, endometrium, pelvic cavity, have inflammation, inflammation will rise to tubal tubes, leading to inflammatory infections.

3. Improper flow

Women with flowing abortion as remedy after accidents are not common. Excessive abortion surgery can damage the uterus to cause inflammation, or if it is not sterile during surgery, causing the invasion of germs to cause inflammatory diseases.

1. Can’t get pregnant for a long time

When the fallopian tube is infected with inflammatory infection, it will be blocked without timely treatment, which will cause the egg to be excreted and affect the pregnancy ability.

2. Long -term dysmenorrhea

The continuous existence of inflammation can cause pelvic congestion and cause congestion dysmenorrhea. Women will find that they often have abdominal pain one week before menstruation, and the closer to the menstrual period, the heavier pain.

3. Irregular menstruation

The short menstrual cycle and most of the menstrual volume are common symptoms of fallopian tubeitis. The inflammation causes pelvic congestion, causing ovarian dysfunction, and causing uterine fibrosis to cause menstrual abnormalities.

4. Increase leucorrhea

Increased leucorrhea is also a common symptom of gynecological diseases. There will be abnormal leucorrhea with fallopian tubeitis. Dexial tubeitis continues to exist. Infection cervix increases the secretions.

1. Do a gynecological examination

Let the doctor check the cervical vaginal condition and vaginal discharge, and check the secretions when suspected abnormalities.

2.B super check

To do B -ultrasound to understand whether ovarian fallopian tubes have abnormal lesions, and effusion and presence include.Blood routine test of white blood cells in the blood allows doctors to help judge.

3. Abdominal mirror

Understand the specific situation in the pelvic cavity, and observe whether the tissue around the fallopian tube is adhesive under the camera intuitively, you can also know whether there is abnormalities.

Generally speaking, fallopian tubeitis hurts women, and will most directly affect fertility, so women cannot be underestimated.If there are above symptoms, relevant examinations should be done in time. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, measures are taken to treat, not anxious, not worried, and maintaining joy is beneficial to the disease.

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