Why do you have a different dream during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers with insomnia during pregnancy are very hard, but although some pregnant mothers can fall asleep, they are also suffering.Some pregnant mothers can enjoy lingering friendship in their dreams, but some pregnant mothers meet bloody scenes in their dreams, and often wake up in the middle of the night.For most pregnant mothers, the latter is not uncommon.

Pregnant mothers also have special dreams. This is only because of various hormones during pregnancy, which will not only affect your body and fetus development, but also control your emotions during sleep, make you dream more frequently, and various situations in your dreams are alsoIt will be more tense and exciting.The prospective moms are relaxing, these are normal phenomena.

1. Why do pregnant mothers dream different?

Pregnant mothers dream abnormal

Xiao Xiao (pseudonym) is 7 months pregnant, and the whole family is looking forward to the upcoming baby.Xiao Xiao is naturally no exception, but what makes Xiao Xiao has suffering that he often dreams, and every dream is extremely irritating and bloody.Xiao Xiao even worried whether he would affect your baby like this.The husband who loves his wife is unable to replace, and we have to ask our doctors for help.

Perplication of progesterone increased dreams

In fact, the reason why the dreams done during pregnancy are often different, usually related to the changes in the sleep quality of expectant mothers.Especially when you enter a few months after pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone and other factors, most pregnant mothers are basically in a light sleep state. As a result, not only the probability of dreaming will increase, but it is also easier to wake up.

Because humans are in a state of light sleep, although they are in a state of resting, they are mentally tight.Therefore, a small stimulus during the day may also make the prospective mummy’s cerebral cortex extremely active, not only dreaming, but also more realistic and more scary.What the prospective dad can do is to give the prospective mummy a peaceful hug when the prospective moms wake up in the middle of the night, and spend the long night with the pregnant mothers.

2. The six most easy dreams of pregnant mothers

1. Dreaming of animals

In clinical statistics, expectant mothers dream of animals the most.Of course, these animals will be cute, such as big white rabbits and kittens, and some are horrible, such as dinosaurs, crocodiles, wolves, etc.At present, many people will explain the dreams of animals in the dreams to explain the prediction of boys and women in the dream. This statement has not yet exactly scientific demonstrations.

But the prospective mummy can judge whether the state presented in the dream is cute and peaceful? Or is it violent bloody? It can be speculated that the stress that the prospective mummy has suffered now and in the next period of time.The greater the pressure, the more terrible the dream.

2. Dreaming of children

Some pregnant mothers even dreamed that their children died, and they were worried after waking up.In fact, dreaming that children die mostly because of the love and deepness of pregnant mothers.Because children have become the most concerned about expectant mothers, if they talk about or think of children during the day, the probability of children in the dream is very high.

3. Occasionally do spring dreams

Some dreams make expectant moms ashamed.In fact, people have physiological needs, and expectant mothers are no exception, especially in the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy, there is almost no sexual life. Sexual depression enters the dream very naturally.Coupled with the large accumulation of female hormones, it will also cause the prospective mother to become extremely sensitive!

4. Dreams chased by

I often dreamed of being chased by others, but I couldn’t run. Most of them were caused by the feet of the prospective mummy, or the sleeping position was not right.If you run the madness, it is not clear about the expectations of prospective mummy for future life, and is eager to find an export of venting.To deal with this dream, expectant moms can hot their feet for 10 minutes before going to bed, or let her husband help massage the calf and Yongquan acupoints of the feet.

5. Dreaming of bloody scenes

Sometimes the pregnant mother’s dream appears very bloody scenes.Regarding yourself and others.This is actually caused by the fear of fertility, because expectant mothers know more or less that bleeding is an inevitable phenomenon for bleeding babies, whether it is smooth or cesarean.

6. Dreaming about sour teeth or paralysis

This dream is mostly caused by changes in expectant mothers.Because the pelvis bones of expectant mothers will become larger and a large amount of calcium required for the fetus, the expectant mummy can easily become osteoporosis, and the real back of the back of the back of the back.Mommy does not need to worry too much.

3. Doctors suggest: do not have to do a small question to dream

Physiological and psychological changes are the source of abnormal dreams

In summary, we can know that the reason why the expectant mothers have more dreams and stimulation are mostly caused by the physical or psychological changes of expectant mummy.There are also some pregnant women who are too worried about the fetus, such as whether the fetus can be sound, the discrimination of the gender of the fetus, or no confidence in their own production. In the long run, it will affect the endocrine system.Essence

Doctors emphasized that after entering the third trimester, the uterus of pregnant women has been extremely swollen, and the burden of organs and systems is close to the peak. Therefore, the psychological pressure of pregnant women is also relatively heavy.Due to physical changes and inconvenience of exercise, pregnant women’s psychology will also cause corresponding changes. These are the reasons why pregnant mothers can’t sleep well at night.

What the prospective moms can do is to strengthen the mental health during pregnancy. When you find that you have ideological doubts and psychological burdens, you should ask a doctor to consult or treat in time to make your body and mind in a healthy state.At the same time, you can take a walk outdoors for a while before going to bed, or to relax your spirit with hot water, which will help improve sleep.If there are many dreams, nightmares, and easy to wake up, it has been frequent to 3-4 times a week, then the prospective mummy should come to the hospital early for diagnosis.

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