Why do you still have no pregnancy?

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There is no common situation of pregnancy after promoting. The follicles cannot develop, the follicles are large but not broken, the follicles are not mature, or they are pregnant but have no fetal heart, forming an empty sac.We need to know why the follicles are not developing, why it is big but not broken, and why division is immature. We know why we know why we were not pregnant.

As far as Xinge TCM believes that follicles are equivalent to the seeds sowed when we plant the land. Whether the quality of this seed is excellent and it is directly related to whether the seeds can germinate and grow. If it is a seed of the shell, we all know itIt must not germinate normally. If it is a seed of dysplasia, it will also affect germination.So why is this seed not develop well?Let’s take a look at the growth and development of a seed requires sunlight, temperature, water, nutrients, etc. In the human body, the growth and development of follicles also requires temperature, nutrients, and moisture.Waiting for substances.In other words, the condition that determines the development of follicles is the prosperity of the human body’s qi and blood, and whether the human qi and blood are sufficient, and it is determined by the function of the viscera. For example, if the spleen and stomach are not good, the ability to absorb nutrients is poor. ThenThe qi and blood produced by the human body is insufficient, so the nutrients for the development of follicles are insufficient. For example, the kidney yang deficiency, then the human body’s yang is deficient, and the temperature of the follicle development is not enough. For exampleThe motivation is insufficient, which makes it impossible to ovulate normally.All in all, whether the follicles are developing well or not, can ovulation normally, is caused by the strength and weakness of the viscera, and there are many factors.

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In the examination of Western medicine, I just saw the phenomenon of poor follicle development or large without exclusion. Western medicine believes that it is caused by human hormone disorders.After all, hormone disorders are a direct cause of follicle problems.However, many patients who have failed many times are confused, and I do n’t know why it failed.So, as far as we mentioned above, according to the theoretical analysis of Chinese medicine, there are many kinds of follicle development and ovulation problems. Hormonal disorders are only one case. We can also think of qi and blood disorders, or in other words, or in other wordsIt ’s qi and blood deficiency, we simply add some nutrients, but we know that the production of qi and blood is normal to rely on the viscera function, and then transform the synthesis. We do n’t regulate the viscera.In the disaster area, our temporary relief, but they do not work hard to resist disaster. This temporary relief is difficult to make the lives of people in this disaster area reach normal.This is one aspect. In addition, hormones itself is a stimulating effect, overdraft, and generally promotes more than two consecutive times. Patients with poor physical fitness in their own body will experience low back pain and reduced menstruation.The kidney qi increased, which caused the lack of kidney qi.This is like you let a weak old man carry hundreds of pounds of heavy objects. You are constantly encouraging and motivating, but he is weak, and no matter how inspiration he still can’t memorize it, he barely comes to make him virtue more.sharp.

Then, patients who are generally promoted by more than twice or more, it is recommended to drink Chinese medicine to regulate the body, conditioning the body’s viscera function is basically normal, the follicles can develop normally and ovulation normally, and there is no need to promote discharge.If the body conditioning returns to a certain degree, and the patient is more anxious, then the combination of discharge is combined to improve the efficacy.

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As for drinking Chinese medicine, is there a fixed recipe to promote follicular development?Traditional Chinese medicine is the treatment of dialectics. You need to take a diagnosis and analysis and diagnosis. You have a poor follicle development caused by that situation. For example, if you usually have a bad appetite, fatigue and weakness, and delayed menstruation, it belongs to the deficiency of the spleen.It is said that the back of the waist is cold, the menstrual waist and abdomen are cold, and the dysmenorrhea belongs to the lack of kidney yang. We must warm the kidney yang as the main response.In order to truly regulate these problems.

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