Why does pregnant women increase in vaginal discharge?Will it be bad for the baby?

There are many aspects to pay attention to pregnant women during pregnancy. Sometimes pregnant women suddenly find that their leucorrhea has become extremely much abnormally. So why is this?Let’s take a look together!

Women will have an increase in physiological secretions during pregnancy. This is because after pregnancy, pregnant women always maintain high estrogen and high progesterone state. Estrogen and progesterone dependent cells have changed significantly, and vulvar tissues have softened, Humidity, thickening vaginal epithelium, blood vessel congestion, exudate liquid and increased cells, cervical hypertrophy, softness, congestion, glandular secretion, the secretion of cervical glands and vaginal exudate, and mixing of shedding cells to form leucorrhea.Will constantly discharge outside the body, so don’t worry too much, pay attention to keeping the perineal clean and hygiene, change the underwear frequently to prevent infection.

Women’s increase in leucorrhea during pregnancy may be infected with some gynecological diseases during pregnancy, and judging whether it is a way to increase leucorrhea caused by gynecological diseases. It is mainly to observe the shape of leucorrhea.It is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

Women have increased leucorrhea during pregnancy. Generally, special treatment is not required. Because there are many virtual secretions, the vulva is often in a humid state and has a certain stimulation of local skin. Therefore, pregnant women usually pay attention to personal hygiene and change their underwear daily.Keep the underwear dry and wash the vulva with warm water every day.However, if the leucorrhea is increased and accompanied by vulvar itching and special odor after pregnancy, women should go to the hospital for gynecological examination in time.

During pregnancy, more leucorrhea is generally normal, and it will not affect the fetus, but if there are more leucorrhea during pregnancy, the color is strong, the smell is unpleasant or the vagina itching, it means that the confession is abnormal.It has a certain impact on the fetus, so pregnant women should seek medical treatment in time.

1. White Candida infection. When producing naturally, babies may have goose ulcers.

2. Trichomonas infection and not cured in time may cause fetal malformations.

3. Chlamydia infection and not treated in time. When the fetus passes through the birth canal, the eyes are infected and injured and infected with gonorrhea.

4. The fetus can also cause infection if the fetus passes the birth canal.

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