Why don’t gynecologists recommend "drug flow"?

For a woman with an unexpected pregnancy, the "flow of people" has become the final choice.

This is a helpless choice, and what I want to say is: If you choose people, you must "flow" safely!

How is it called "flow"?

Girls who have consulted should know that all gynecologists generally do not recommend women to drug flow. If they want to "flow" well, it is best to choose a flow of people.


The drug flow is actually abortion.It is to use oral drugs to achieve the purpose of terminating pregnancy.

It sounds convenient, but most doctors suggest that you "painless abortion".

1 Why not choose "drug flow", the reason is here!


Although the drug flow is simple, the success rate of the drug flow is only close to 75%.

Qing Gong’s damage to the body is very great, so in order to avoid these 25%accidents, do not choose the drug flow.


If the drug flow will occur, the contraction will occur, so the abdomen will be more painful.

The situation is serious, and some women will last for a week after the drug flow.

If you are afraid of pain, it is best not to flow.


After the drug flow, bleeding is prone to occur.

There are also some women’s situations, which are bleeding from the drug flow and life -threatening.

This probability is very low, but for insurance, if you want to perform drug flow, it is recommended that you do it under the guidance of a doctor. Do not buy medicine and tires in private.

2 Drug flow "3" big indicators?


Pregnant women must not be more than 40 years old.

The drugs used in the drug flow will adjust the internal secretions of the female ovaries. The ovarian of women over 40 years of age is at a recession. At this time, if it is affected by the drug, menstrual disorders may occur or even early menopause.


To do drug flow, it is necessary to determine that the pregnancy is within 49 days. The longer the time, the greater the risk.In addition, the drug flow needs to take the medicine for three days, and then take an abortion medicine to the hospital for 2 hours after the drug flow.


Through the B -ultrasound, it is clear whether the position of the pregnancy is in the uterus and eliminate ectopic pregnancy.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, there is no drug flow.

It is very dangerous to carry out "drug flow" without examination. Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves and do not patronize some irregular small clinics.

Tip: B -ultrasound examination before abortion is required. It is not enough to determine whether pregnancy is inside or outside the palace.

Choose a regular hospital, obey the doctor’s arrangement, do not be willful, and don’t be nervous, be a girl who is responsible for herself.

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