Why eat folic acid for pregnancy / pregnancy?When to eat?How to supplement it safely?

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, cannot be synthesized in the human body, and can only be intake by exogenous intake.And because folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin, the storage volume in the human body is limited.

Why add folic acid?

★ Risk of reducing fetal NTDS (neural tube defect);

★ Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy also increases the risk of abortion, premature birth, dead tires, giant cell anemia, and preliminary eclampsia. Supplementing folic acid can reduce these risks.

Who needs to increase the dose of folic acid?

★ Women who have previously given birth to neural tube defects;

★ Couples with neuroma defects;

★ Women taking antiepileptic drugs;

★ Women with diabetes;

★ Women of obesity;

★ Pregnant women with high fever in early pregnancy.

What is the time for folic acid?

Nervous defects often happen when women do not realize their pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, human embryonic nerve tubes began to close on the 21st day after conception, and closed on the 28th day after conception, that is, 35-42 days of the last menstruation.Therefore, it is necessary to supplement enough folic acid before the fetal nerve tube starts to close.Adding folic acid is best to start 1-3 months before pregnancy.

How to add folic acid?

Folic acid supplement needs to vary from person to person. It not only needs to consider the living environment, health status and medication of women, but also the history and genetic history of their pregnancy.Combined with the "China Clinical Reasonable Reasonable Supplementary Folk Follower Multi -disciplinary Expert Consensus" jointly released by 8 committees such as the "Guidelines for Prevention Deficiency Guide to Prevention Deficiency (2017)" and 2021 The Summary of Chinese Medical Education Association’s Clinical Medicine Professional Committee in 2021.

Is it safe to supplement folic acid?

There is still controversy for the safety of folic acid.

◆ Low -quality evidence indicates that supplementing folic acid may increase the risk of colorectal cancer and asthma in children, but other studies have shown that the above risks will not increase.

◆ Excessive use of folic acid has potential risks to increase hypertension during pregnancy.

◆ The level of maternal folic acid may be related to the risk of the occurrence of the dysplasia of the child.If you have studied, the maternal hypertension and folic acid can increase the risk of ASD.

Which foods have higher folic acid?

Green leafy vegetables, soybean products, animal liver, red meat, eggs, etc. are good food sources of folic acid.Specific foods include quinoa, dried soybean or miscellaneous beans, bamboo, spinach, fennel, amaranth, animal liver, lean meat, duck eggs, etc.

Therefore, it is an effective measure to balance diet, use folic acid supplements, strengthen food and maintain reasonable weight, and develop a healthy lifestyle is an effective measure to improve nutritional conditions and reduce NTDS.【Yang Li, Maternal Insurance Department】

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