Why hasn’t "Xi’an" pregnant in the same room during ovulation?

Now many female friends are pregnant with their babies after getting married. Some people have been married for many years and have no movement. Is it their own problem or other reasons?

In order to increase the chance of conception, many women will choose to have the same room during ovulation.If women are not pregnant during ovulation, there may be problems. On the one hand, immune factors, on the other hand, it depends on whether you are infertile. Let ’s take a look at the reason.

What should I do for some women who have not been pregnant?Ovarian dysplasia and ovulation dysfunction: Although ovulation is ovulate, due to the poor ovarian development, the luteal function is not complete, which will also affect follicle development and egg excretion, which will eventually cause infertility.Cervical factors

Cervical development, chronic cervicitis and uterine dysplasia, endometriosis and other factors may also lead to the occurrence of female infertility. Once the above symptoms are found, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.Genital Development

Congenital abnormalities in reproductive organs or acquired diseases of reproductive organs, such as vaginal malformation, vaginal stenosis, and membrane obstruction of minor women, will hinder the smooth and functional channels of reproductive organs from the vulva to the fallopian tube, so that sperm cannot swim and eggsCombination causes ovulation to not get pregnant.Immune factors

Anti -sperm antibody refers to the existence of a female reproductive tract or serum, causing sperm aging, loss of vitality or death, leading to infertility or infertility.In addition, some infertile women have their own transparent band antibody substances, which can prevent sperm from penetrating eggs and fertilization, and can also cause infertility.Tubal factors

Wallopian obstruction, fallopian tube accumulation, fallopian tube adhesion, and fallopian tube malformation are important causes of infertility, and fallopian tube factors are also the most common clinical causes.

Sexual life should be moderate during pregnancy, and too low frequency is not conducive to breeding.In order to give birth, some people are almost close to each other, but the ovulation period is frequent. This is not only not conducive to pregnancy, but also not conducive to eugenics.

Because the frequency of the same room will reduce the number of sperm in the discharged semen and immature development.Therefore, if you want to conceive successfully, the number of sexual life cannot be frequent, it is best to once the next day.However, if you do not relax for a long time, the excessive maturity of the sperm will cause the loss of combination.

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