Why is it possible to get pregnant with contraceptive measures?

Indeed, why is it possible to get pregnant?

First of all, it is clear whether it is correct, such as the most popular, and the contraceptive rate with a very high contraceptive. As long as the contraceptive success rate is used correctly, it can reach 93-95%, so you need to check whether the condom is before the popping.Interesting, be careful of condoms when you pop, because these may cause contraceptive failure.Oral contraceptives also need to take properly to effectively take it.

What are the most commonly used contraception?

1. In -the -palace birthday

Prevent fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.It is safe, effective, simple, economical, and reversible. It is the main contraceptive measures for women of childbearing age in my country.The success rate of contraception is more than 95%.

2. Drug contraception

Women’s use of steroid hormones to achieve the purpose of contraception is an efficient contraceptive method. The main components are estrogen and progesterone.Principle: Inhibit ovulation; change the cervical mucus traits and endometrial mentality and function, which is not conducive to sperm penetration and not suitable for fertilized eggs; changing the dharma function, so that the fertilized eggs cannot move normally in the fallopian tube, and interfere with the fertilized eggs in bed.For example, compound short -acting oral contraceptives start on the first day of menstruation, take about 20 days in a row, stop the medicine for 7 days after taking, and start taking it on the 8th day.If you do not miss the service, the success rate of contraception is more than 99%.

3. Penis sleeve

As a male contraceptive tool, it is used as a barrier to prevent sperm from entering the vagina.It is not allowed to have the opportunity to contact sperm and eggs, and the success rate of contraception is 93-95%.

If contraceptive measures are taken or unfortunately recruited, and if the baby cannot need it, it can only take drug abortion or artificial abortion to terminate pregnancy.However, no matter which method you choose, miscarriage is very harmful to female friends.According to incomplete statistics, about 4-60 million artificial miscarriage around the world. China Research Data in the 2012 World contraceptive day shows that China has 13 million women’s abortion each year, and its age is getting lower and aging.27.3%of women among women 20-30 years old have been abortion.

The flow of people is to remove the gestational capsule by sucking and scraping. The seemingly simple method is actually very harmful.Bleeding, abortion, abortion, perforation, organ damage, amniotic fluid embolism, artificial abortion syndrome, etc. during the operation may occur during the operation.It may also induce irregular menstruation, uterine cavity, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and genital tract infections.If repeated abortion may cause irreversible damage to the endometrium and increase the chance of natural abortion.It is also easy to increase the incidence of infertility, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, and postpartum bleeding.

Therefore, girls must know how to love themselves and protect themselves. There is an old saying that "be careful to get thousands of years of boats". His physical health is the king.

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