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There is a goal in my heart, and planning in advance can we work efficiently.

For example, before we go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, do we often list a list to remind us what we need to buy. At that time, we will not waste time and energy because we forget to buy a bottle of soy sauce and run the vegetable market.

Similarly, if a woman is ready to be pregnant, she needs to do so.

This is a list of American doctors to prepare for pregnancy couples, asking couples to come to complete the task in the list. All of them are to ensure that women are healthy and smooth in October and their babies can grow up healthy:

The pre -pregnancy checklist recommended by the doctor 1. Comprehensively check the body 2. Vaccine injection 3. Take folic acid 4. Confirm health insurance 5. Quit smoking 6. Coffee quit coffee 8. Confirm whether the daily medication has an impact on the fetus 9. Healthy diet10. Exercise 11. Investigate the history of family genetic diseases 12. Dental examination 13. Record the ovulation cycle

Do you noticed that the expectant mother’s father noticed that one of the above is to suggest that you go to see the dentist (dentist).

Regular oral care

In order to have a healthy oral cavity, there is a need for a fixed dentist to manage their oral health for life. Regular (every six months) go to the hospital to check the teeth at the same time to receive dental washing services.

If the prospective parents who could have achieved the above routine examinations, the task of "pre -pregnancy dental examination" is generally not difficult to perform, nor does it require too much treatment.

However, because many people do not have the habit of regularly checking teeth and tooth washing, they may need to do systematic dental disease treatment at first receiving oral care.

However, many people are afraid of washing their teeth because they have been instilled by the wrong concept for a long time. They believe that tooth washing will hurt the enamel, and even mistakenly believe that the dental stone can protect the teeth.

We are seeking truth from facts that most Chinese people suffer from periodontal disease, but because the initial periodontal disease does not have obvious discomfort, it is not cared for by themselves and their families. Some people are even near the root of the teeth.The package is dark.

Isn’t the same star in the TV series?Under the beautiful face, there was a mouth full of tooth stone -run the question again.

It is important to check and treat in time

Then come back and say that when I heard the doctor spend 40 minutes to make a film for you, and after careful examination, tell you a series of complex treatment plans, please don’t be surprised, please don’t be sad, let alone the cost of treatment.All of this is not caused by two days and two days, this is not blame you, because your teeth may have never been maintained regularly.

This is the same as a car. If it is only driven, although it has not felt a problem after many years, it suddenly has the opportunity to be seen by a professional technician and gives a reasonable maintenance plan. You can say thisIs the master nonsense?Can you say that he is for your money to repair you?

Please don’t find a reason to postpone it again. It is the only choice to give the car to the master seriously and repaired it in a timely manner!The same reason for dental health and treatment.If you want to have a healthy teeth and high -quality life, no matter how long and how much you need to spend, you should be honest with the doctor’s system treatment.

Can you change the car when you are abolished? Can the parts on your body be the same?

What will happen without examination before pregnancy?People often ask on Weibo: If you want to get pregnant, why do you need to check your teeth?Many people say they don’t know, and even many people think it is unnecessary.Some people think that making people is a very simple thing. Why add so much trouble to themselves, just two people in love can be together?

Here was a personal experience with you.A pregnant woman who was 8 months pregnant came to the clinic with a big belly, because she cried into pear blossoms with rain, and she couldn’t wait to ask for the way when she lay down on the teeth chair.No, I ca n’t eat rice, I ca n’t sleep well, I dare not take medicine casually, torture me for a few months. ”

I learned that the teeth of the pregnant woman did not hurt too much at first, and they gradually aggravated. Finally, the pain was to hit the wall, and even the children in the stomach were uneasy.

She asked the doctor: "You pull out my teeth. I’m afraid that I will be tortured like this, and I won’t even be able to keep the child!"

After the doctor checked, it was found that the girl could not even open her mouth, and the teeth in her mouth were swollen, and she bleed with a bloody smell.On the first big molar, there was a rotten large hole in the top part. It has been seen that the dental nerve is exposed. Can it hurt?

How poor this woman is in my heart can really endure. Such pain should be cruel than sitting on a tiger stool. The baby in the stomach will feel this terrible punishment?

If she checks in advance and treats it in time, she can avoid such torture.

There is a traditional saying in clinical practice: the first three months and the next 3 months of pregnancy are the cautious period of oral examination, especially the expectant mothers in the late pregnancy are easily contracted due to various stimuli, or even premature birth.Therefore, in order to maximize the occurrence of this dilemma, what can be done is to do a good job of preventing work and planning ahead.

This story is actually the best advertisement for pre -pregnancy oral examination. Do you not want to have the same experience?

The importance of checking the oral cavity before pregnancy

When it comes to the necessity of oral examination before pregnancy, the first time it should be clear whether the oral cavity is part of the human organs.

Is the mouth the gate of the big house of the human body?The gate of the gate will naturally affect the quality of the entire house. Is there a problem with the quality of the house? Babies under the eaves will not be affected?The language of ordinary people can be explained like this.

If the expectant mother’s teeth are ill, the gums hurt, bleeding, and redness, it will affect the mother’s eating. Will the mother’s not intake of enough nutrition will affect the development of the fetus?Mom has severe periodontal disease wounds to be exposed to the mouth, and the toxins excreted from bacteria will enter amniotic fluid and placenta through the blood circulation of the mother.

In addition, expectant mothers will become more sensitive during pregnancy due to the changes in mother hormones (hormones).A statistics from Japan prove that pregnant women with severe periodontal disease have a chance to give birth to premature babies or low -body birth.

Moreover, these babies are more likely to have terrible diseases such as respiratory diseases, anemia, jaundice, congenital heart disease and malnutrition.

DNA experiments show that 95%of the bacteria carried by the newborn baby are derived from the mother. In other words, bacteria that can cause periodontal diseases or dental caries will be passed to the baby!Is it terrible, is it?

Secondly, dental diseases can torture their mothers.

Just like the expectant mothers mentioned above, not timely treatment of worm teeth will cause tooth nerve inflammation. Repeated inflammation of wisdom teeth will cause facial swelling, pain, and even the mouth.These oral diseases will undoubtedly affect the physical and mental health of pregnant women.

However, in real life, if the disease comes to the door, most expectant mothers will worry that oral examination (X -ray) will have radiation, affect fetal development, or worry about whether drug treatment will hurt the baby, so it is not necessaryI would not go to the hospital for examination and treatment, and I chose a heart word to be a knife -forbearance.Oh, if you think about it, you’re sad.

As a woman, it is a sacred and beautiful thing to bred a new life.In October, there were many sour sweetness in it as a dynasty. It was like Tang Seng’s ninety -eighty -one difficulties on the road. It was waiting for the expectant mothers to go to experience.

Here, as a dentist, I assured you in a responsible mothers that oral pain is definitely not among this "eighty -one difficulty". Do not think that as long as you have a child, your teeth will definitely worse.Remember, you only need a system of oral examination during pregnancy to completely avoid these unnecessary punishment.

Based on the above reasons, it is strongly recommended to prepare for the implementation of the baby plan for couples.

1. Is there any hidden danger of dental disease?

2. Is there a dental caries?

3. Is there any wisdom teeth need to be removed?

4. Is there a periodontal disease of all evils?

This can make you easier to conceive your baby, but also make you easily spend your birth in October. The most important thing is to have a healthy baby.””Author:@: Dentist Ma Ma Debbie

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