Why is pregnancy nausea and vomiting?The reason behind it must be warmed to you!

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Most of the mothers who have given birth to babies have experience in pregnancy. Regarding the cause of pregnancy, many people do not know. When you know the reason behind it, it must be warm to you!

Pregnancy vomiting is a kind of early pregnancy reaction. It is more sensitive to smell, some response is heavy, some response is lighter. Generally, it will disappear by itself in three months of pregnancy, while others will continue to produce.What about a phenomenon?

1. It is related to the hormone of the human chorion -promoting line

The hormone hormone of the human body is also called blood HCG. At present, it has not been concluded that the period of early pregnancy reaction is exactly the fastest rise in HCG and the most secretion.Promoting gonad hormone -related.

2. The baby is looking for a sense of existence

There is a saying that the baby in the stomach will not move in the early days, so to let the mother know her existence through this method. In ancient times, there was no advanced scientific method to determine whether it was pregnant. One was that menstruation could not come.The other is pregnancy vomiting, so pregnant vomiting is also the baby who wants to tell her mother’s existence. Is it very warm when the feeling is stored?

Three, baby self -protection

Nowadays, food safety is a big problem, so many people choose to buy imported goods, especially southerners. If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it may be that these nutrients are not needed by the baby, or the food is not safe.

No matter what kind of reason, pregnancy vomiting is also uncomfortable. Friends say that I can completely understand a sentence after pregnancy: how to eat it and let you spit out.This sentence is never what the ancients spoke. This was based. At that time, when I was pregnant, I just finished eating, and it was hot, so I vomited it.

Thinking about that kind of picture is really painful. If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, pregnant mothers can relieve pregnancy by supplementing B vitamins, especially B1, B2, B3, and B6 can effectively relieve pregnancy.

Proper exercise can also relieve pregnancy. This is for pregnant women with different constitutions. Some pregnant women are used for tubes. They can breathe fresh air in the community and take a walk to relieve some.

If the pregnancy vomiting is too powerful, then it is required to help the hospital and the doctor. Generally, after three months, the symptoms of pregnancy will disappear.

Moms, did you vomit in a bad pregnancy at the time?Is there any good way to relieve it?Welcome to discuss in the comment area!

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