Why is the first child who is not pregnant, but the second child vomits "search for intestines and scrapes the belly". The sooner the pregnant woman knows, the better

After pregnancy, the body will face a series of changes and reactions. The earliest pregnancy response is about vomiting. It starts from sixth pregnancy. At this time, it is extremely sensitive to the smell.It’s right.Pregnancy vomiting generally disappears in about 3 months, and individual pregnant mothers will continue the entire pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers have no response. This varies from person to person.

Other pregnant mothers have almost no pregnancy when they are in the first child, but the second child is spit. Some people say that the strength of pregnancy and the length of duration are related to the gender of the fetus. In fact, this is purely nonsense.There are many reasons for the cause of not vomiting the second child.

There was almost no reaction when I was pregnant, and I felt that the sister who vomited to the collapse was "hypocritical".

Chen Yu is a second -child pregnant mother. She has started to be pregnant since she just knew she was pregnant. She still eats and vomit.Things immediately responded, and she was very uncomfortable and annoyed. She didn’t understand why her second child responded so much.

Chen Yu had almost no big pregnancy reaction at a child. Occasionally, it would be okay to get rid of it for a few times, and it would not affect eating and drinking.The younger sister who was pregnant at almost time was particularly strong. She spit very well every day, and the whole person was soft and softened.Chen Yu felt that her sister was a "small question", and she always jokes that her sister is too delicate. Where is it so uncomfortable? The sister just turned her eyes and could not explain to her.

Unexpectedly, I was pregnant with the second child and realized the pain of her sister at the beginning. Chen Yu even regretted what she said to her sister. It turned out that the pregnancy was so painful that it was so painful.Especially my sister always says that Chen Yu should "really let you experience the uncomfortableness of the present, let you always laugh at me"!Chen Yu smiled and helplessly thought that this was the price of laughing at others?

Pregnancy vomiting is a normal reaction during pregnancy. The hormone changes in the body after pregnancy, causing the placenta to secrete a large amount of chorionic gonad hormone to inhibit gastric acid secretion and reduce the activity of digestive enzymes. As a result, the appetite of the pregnant mother decreases the pregnancy reaction.It is normal for not vomiting vomiting. The influencing factors are mainly in the following aspects.

The HCG index in the blood after each pregnancy will increase to varying degrees, and the elevation of HCG is one of the reasons why the pregnancy reaction is caused. Because the increase of each increase in each time

We all know that each pregnant mother’s reaction after pregnancy is different, and those pregnant mothers with good physical fitness will be easier after pregnancy.The same pregnant mothers will have different physical reactions at different age stages and different physical conditions. Generally, the pregnant mother’s physical fitness is better at first child, and the reaction during pregnancy is relatively small.The influence of age has fallen, and the physical fitness of the first child has already declined. This is an important reason for the strong reaction of the second child.

We often say that everything is difficult at the beginning, so when things do the first time, they will be more careful, and when the second and third time will be "skilled", and they will not be so careful.The same is true for pregnancy. Be careful when you are in the first child. There will be any problems. Whether it is in action or from the diet, the second child is not so careful.The reaction causes the aggravation of pregnancy.

There is no child in the family when the child is in one child. The pregnant mother only needs to be at ease to raise a child and do not have to worry about too much things. When the second child is in the second child, you need to take care of Dabao.The pressure will also be relatively large, which is also the reason for the worsening of the second child’s pregnancy.

If you want to relieve pregnancy and make your body more comfortable, try the following methods.

Pay attention to diet during pregnancy. Eat more vegetables and fruits that have appetizers, and do not greedy to eat too much meals. Eat a little more a day a day to ensure nutritional supply and do not aggravate gastrointestinal burden.

Keep your mood comfortable. Don’t worry too much about many household chores, because housework and work are always too busy. Do it again to relax your body and spirit. It is also a good way to relieve pregnancy.

The family also pays a lot of attention to the pregnant mother during pregnancy, so that she can have sufficient rest time to help her share housework, especially the place where the heavy oil fume in the kitchen should not be allowed to enter.During pregnancy, she is very important for her body and the fetus in her belly.

It is really not easy to be a pregnant mother. No matter in any stage, there are things that affect the physical condition of the pregnant mother. You can learn more about pregnancy and pay attention to every move during pregnancy to make this difficult pregnancy period more comfortable.

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