Why is the probability of pregnancy in the same room before ovulation, and there is no chance in the same room after ovulation?

Most people know that the female ovulation period is the best time to conceive, and she thinks that the woman should wait for the woman to go ovulation in the same room.

Generally speaking:

· 1-2 days before ovulation has the highest chance of gestation at the same room, about 30%-35%;

· The chance of the same room on the day of ovulation is slightly smaller, about 25%;

· The probability of the same room one day after ovulation is almost zero.

Why is there a high probability of pregnancy in the same room before ovulation?

And there is no chance in the same room after ovulation?

This is mainly because the survival time of the mature eggs is about 12-24 hours, but sperm can survive in women for 48-72 hours, or even longer.It is generally believed that sperm has the strongest fertilization ability within 3 days after entering women, and has the ability to fertilize within 5 days.

The number of sperm is tens of thousands of sperm, and the number of sperm can win at any time. The sperm can wait for the eggs at any time, and the same room is better before ovulation.

How to calculate the ovulation period?

The ovaries of women in the childbearing age period, in each menstrual cycle, generally have a mature follicles to develop eggs, forming a luteal after ovulation. At this time, it is a good time to conceive. If there is no conception, luteal atrophy after 14 days, menstruation.

The days when the eggs are excreted are called "ovulation day".If your menstrual rules are generally about 14 days before the menstrual period, most people will choose to use ovulation test strips to detect. The test strip shows that the "double red line" often indicates that ovulation will occur in the next 36 hours. At this time, it is a good time in the same room.

If menstruation is not so regular, the most accurate method is to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound monitoring.

How long is the pregnancy test after ovulation during ovulation?

Assuming the same room during ovulation, when is the appropriate pregnancy test?Normally, after the same room, I was conceived in the same room, fertilized within 24 hours, and 6 days after fertilization. The fertilized eggs were fastened at the fastest speed, so the pregnancy can be used for pregnancy 6 days after ovulation.

However, the speed of fertilized eggs varies from person to person, and it is fast or slow. Even if the pregnancy test of the pregnancy inspection stick is not pregnant or in a hurry, it is usually recommended to check it after ovulation. Use the first morning urine in the morning.More accurate.

The pregnancy test may have errors. The most accurate is to go to the hospital for a blood HCG value measurement.If you still do n’t want to prepare for a year of pregnancy, you must consider the reason why the hospital checks it ~

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