Why is there a black line on the stomach of the pregnant mother?It has nothing to do with gender, related to these three factors

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Pregnancy is a very complicated thing for many women. It is really happy to have children, but after pregnancy, I think too much, worrying about the health of the fetus, the gender of the fetus, etc., it can be said that it is "troubled happiness."For the first time, when my mother has lack of experience, once the body changes, she will worry.

Some pregnant mothers found that there was an obvious black line on the stomach after pregnancy, and it extended from the belly through the belly button, and it looked a bit ugly.Why does the pregnant mother’s belly show black line?The older generation believes that the position of the black line can determine the child’s gender.Is this really the case?In fact, no, the black line on the stomach of the pregnant mother has nothing to do with the gender of the child, but is caused by other reasons. The pregnant mother should not be misleading.

The black line on the belly is commonly known as the white line. Everyone has some people, but it does not look obvious.What is the reason that causes the black line to become obvious?It is mainly related to these three factors.

1. melanin precipitation

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother has changed significantly, and the secretion of various hormones changes, which will also affect the sedimentation of melanin secretion, so the black line on the stomach looks more obvious and noticeable.

2. The skin color of pregnant mothers

Generally speaking, if the skin tone of pregnant mothers is dull, the black line is not easy to see.Instead, it is a pregnant mother with white and tender skin. This black line becomes particularly obvious after pregnancy.

3. The physique of pregnant mothers

The secretion of human pigments and hormones varies from person to person. The lifestyle and mental state of pregnant mothers are different, which will affect the physique of pregnant mothers.The skin is relatively tight and elastic.

The older generation will always judge the gender of the fetus based on the shape and location of the "black line". In fact, this is not scientific.Regarding the "black line" on the stomach, these pregnant mothers must know.

1. It will not affect fetal health

This black line only appears on the surface of the pregnant mother’s belly, which is caused by increasing melanin secretion. It does not affect the fetus. Do not worry about the health or appearance of the fetus.Sometimes, the black line will itch, that is, the skin is stretched, and the pregnant mother does not have to worry too much.

2. The later period will disappear slowly

The melanin on the stomach is caused by the secretion of pregnancy hormones, so it is generally disappeared within half a year to one year after childbirth.However, the disappearance speed and recovery have a lot to do with women’s constitution. Diet and exercise methods can also help women recover better.

The black line on the stomach of the pregnant mother will not affect the health of the fetus, and it will only affect the beauty of the belly.Is there a black line that does not tighten? It is the most important thing to give birth to the health of children.

1. Relax mentality

During pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will change.Pregnant mothers should not be too worried. This is normal, and it can slowly recover after giving birth.Pregnant mothers should relax their mentality and maintain a pleasant mood so that they can bred a healthy baby.

2. Regular inspection

Examination during pregnancy is important, allowing pregnant mothers to better grasp the development of the fetus and their physical condition, and better adjust their psychology and habits.Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital’s delivery inspection at their family, so that they are better for the fetus.

Boys and girls are babies in their parents’ hearts. Parents cannot treat their children differently because of their children’s gender.Young parents should abandon the idea of "heavy men and women", as long as the child can grow up healthy and happy, it is enough.The older generation does not need to care too much. What we need to do is to take good care of the fetus and give birth to a healthy baby.

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