Why isn’t small ear malformation detection not found?

Wang Wu had another problem in his mind. His wife has been checked on time from early pregnancy, and the sizes are also done. Why can’t I find the baby’s ears?If you find out early, maybe you will not give birth to this baby, so as not to suffer the children’s physiological defects.Although the child is already born and he will raise him well, Wang Wu still wants to solve the doubt.So he hung a obstetric number to consult a obstetrician.

After understanding the situation of Wang Wu’s children, the obstetrician explained to him: "The image seen by B -ultrasound is very different from what we think.Judgment. Some images are very difficult to judge. For example, if you look at this B -ultrasound image, it is not realistic.

Under such images, you said, it is very difficult to see your ears clearly!"

Wang Wu looked at it, and it was really rare to see the ears.

The obstetrician went on to say: "The economic conditions are good now. Many families choose 3D or 4D ultrasound images to make pre -delivery deformed for fetal. Such images are much clearer than B -ultrasound images, but the image of the image of taking photos with us is still clear.There is a big difference. I will show you this image again.

You see, such images are much clearer than the previous B -ultrasound images, but there are still some parts that are not so clear, such as ears, because the ears itself is delicate, ultrasonic images are rare to show these delicate grooves across the belly, so asIt is difficult to predict the shape of the ears."

Mr. Wang Wu looked at this image and nodded.

Obstetricians continue to explain: "There is another reason, you also need to explain it with you. You can take a look at the B -ultrasound report of your wife’s maternity inspection, often there will be a sentence, which means that the B -ultrasound result is subject to the fetal position.Instant, some parts can only be seen on one side, and the other side cannot be seen. It does not mean that there is a problem with the other side, nor does it mean that there is no problem on the other side.In his mother’s uterus, his position only exposed his left ear, and his right ear was blocked by his own head. Ultrasonic machines could not adjust the probe of the fetus anyway, so there would be a report form.The above -mentioned explanation words. "

After listening to the explanation of the obstetric doctor, Wang Wu’s heart was relieved, and he could not find out the disease in the birth check.

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