Why should I avoid three or two shorts in the Dragon Boat Festival?What else are you particular?Five sentences can be known to know

There are still four days to pass the Dragon Boat Festival; the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival. It is not only a memorial day to commemorate Qu Yuan, but also the summer solstice to remind the day before the summer solstice; on the Dragon Boat Festival, people are in order to meet the arrival of the summer summer.All localities will carry out a variety of local custom activities; for example, Baozi, Putting Paper Dragon, Dragon Boat, Block Colorful Silk Line, Wear Fragrant Buns, Eat Cat Eye Poise Eggs, Drink Male Lao WineThe ancient customs that insert wormwood in front of the door; people pray for the prayers and disasters, and hope that the gate of the court is peaceful, auspicious and healthy;

In the Dragon Boat Festival, Ai Ai in front of the household door is a traditional custom that follows thousands of years; because the folk has a saying that "Qingming inserts willow, Dragon Boat Festival inserts Ai"; wormwood is a perennial semi -irrigated or herb.Because its stems and leaves contain volatile aroma oil, the whole plant of wormwood can emit a strong aroma; the bitterness of sexual taste, the whole grass can be used as medicine, the folk has the high reputation evaluation of "family has three years of Ai, Langzhong no longer comes"; and Ai AiCao is also a very good ingredient, so it is loved by people.

The reason why inserting wormwood in front of the Dragon Boat Festival is prevalent for thousands of years, in addition to it that can emit a rich aroma, there is also the prevention of poisonous insects, avoiding evil spirits, and recruiting benefits and functions.Here; five poison immersion, insert Ai "as evidence; the Dragon Boat Festival and the summer solstice follow, the summer solstice temperature rises, which is easy to breed mosquito; and mosquito is more sensitive to the aroma of wormwood.It can prevent the invasion of poisonous insects; in addition, wormwood shaped like a tiger’s claw, and there is a town house to ward off evil spirits; tiger is the king of beasts. It stands in front of the house and can push the evil spirits.It also has a very good auspicious meaning; because the ai and love of the wormwood are a beautiful word; Ai inserted in front of the door indicates that family harmony, husband and wife love, prosperous people, wealth and fortune;Ai, there is a good meaning of recruiting Naifu, love Manchu.

However, there are a lot of attention to Ai Ai in front of the Dragon Boat Festival; the ancients believed that inserting Ai Dragon Boat Festival is a serious and grand ritual of praying for evil spirits; in addition to the solemn and devotional worship, the choice of wormwood and Ai Ai to pick Ai AiThe time, the time of inserting Ai, the freshness, quantity, length, and quality of hanging wormwood have relatively strict requirements;Wentian, etc.; If you want to know what else you pay attention to in front of the door, you can know it through the following five old words.

Ai has both two, there are two do not hang the door

The old saying, "Ai has two two, there are two do not hang," means that there are two kinds of wormwood do not use it for use, there are two courtyards or two types of doors.The grass cannot be used; one is not to use short -leaf -free wormwood. Short wormwood is generally suppressed by the growing wormwood; this wormwood receives the degree of light, poor growth, stems slender, yellow and thin, and sparse leaves.The aroma of aroma is not strong, and the effect of deworming and mosquito -shelter is poor; and it belongs to the lack of the aura, which can not play the effect of the town evil and the obscure effect. At the same time, it is not good.The second is not to use withered and dry wormwood; in our Xuzhou, wormwoods are generally selected from the Dragon Boat Festival of fresh wormwood with thick stems and large leaves.The loss of the leaves and the loss of water, giving people a sense of sluggish visual difference and psychological gap; and the sluggish wormwood aromatic flavor is greatly reduced, and it is not beautiful, but also loses the spiritual comfort of the Dragon Boat Festival.

There are two doors of the door. It means that there are people who are pregnant at home and do not hang Ai in front of the door of the young children at home; because wormwood can volatilize a kind of irritating aroma, this volatile oil has gathered gas to ordinary people and gathers qi condensation.The role of; but for pregnant women, this volatile oil can stimulate the fetal gas of pregnant women and bring discomfort to the fetus in the abdomen.Word grass; and the family of new infants and young children in the family is not suitable for inserting Ai in front of the house; because infants and young children are just born, their bodies are delicate and fragile, their body institutions are not resistant, and they cannot bear the rich aroma of wormwood.At the same time, the mother is also in a period of physical weakness and needs to be recuperated; while wormwood waving oil can stimulate the central nervous nerve of the human body and cause the maternal nausea; so people with infants and young children should try not to insert Ai and hang Ai.

Do not insert it early and do not insert long, do not insert short

The old saying is very clear. "Literal understanding, it means that the Dragon Boat Festival is not late as early as the Dragon Boat Festival.It is also in line with the requirements of the Dragon Boat Festival. Because of the Dragon Boat Festival, the summer solstice is coming, the temperature is increased, and the light is strong. Generally, the use of Ai to harvest it when the sun is not coming out;Facing dewdrops, the water content is abundant, the amount of water transpiration is very small, it can maintain the freshness of wormwood, which meets the folk requirements of freshly inserting the blossoms of the Dragon Boat Festival;Increased, wormwood is easy to lose water and wither, and it is not required to insert a freshly blossoming requirement; so people insert Ai Tu are not late. Generally, the freshly adopted in the morning will be inserted into the garden doors and windows in time.; The growth of wormwood is not uniform, some wormwood is thick stems, and some are slender and short; the strong wormwood is full of yang, and the short wormwood is heavier;Fresh wormwood with a whole leaf and a basically uniform length.

Insert Ai Ti three long or two shorts, hanging Ai tetrais to break the order

The old saying is "three long two long and two shorts, hanging Ai ties to break the order"; the meaning of this sentence is well understood, which means that the wormwood used in the Dragon Boat Festival taboo three longs and two shorts; because the meaning of the three long and two shorts is not good,The ancients believed that the three long and two were not auspicious, and there was an unexpected meaning; therefore, the Dragon Boat Festival inserted Ai Ai taboo three long and two shorts; try to select the double -numbered wormwood suspension of the unified length, because the folk also said that "hanging Ai taboos to break the order";It is Geely’s number, and there are good things to become a pair, so the custom of hanging wormwood hanging on the Dragon Boat Festival continues to this day; in addition, the Dragon Boat Festival hanging Ai also taboo to break the suspension, because the broken wormwood and folding love are harmonious;Looking forward to a beautiful folk activity, if you rush with the meaning of poor love, you will lose the basic intention of inserting Ai Blessing in the Dragon Boat Festival; therefore, the folk has "inserting three long two long and two shorts, hanging Ai taboos to break the order"Said.

The first three and four, the two -and -four, Ai hanging doors and windows

The old saying "Ai Aceli, the first four, the four, the Ai hanging doors and windows" shows that Cai’s best appropriate adaptation period and the position of Ai in front of the door;The harvest period is from the first three days of the Dragon Boat Festival to the second four days; because the Ai leaf grows around the Dragon Boat Festival, the stems are thick, the leaves are full, the aius is rich, and the fragrance is strong;Harvesting wormwood with dewdrops is significant; if it is sold, it can sell a good price; therefore, people who have the best medicinal effects to take home and hang them around the gate.The role of gathering qi; in the local countryside of Xuzhou, the Dragon Boat Festival is generally inserted by two wormwoods on the left and right of the door.Hanging; but the direction of hanging Ai is particularly particular. Generally, Ai Gen faces up, and Ai buds are down.

I don’t use Ai

The old saying is very clear, that is, pregnant women who are pregnant should not harvest wormwood; this is basically consistent with the taboos of wormwood do not hang on pregnant women’s doors; according to a local elderly man, "pregnancy is not available"There are two main reasons; one is that wormwood has a irritating fragrance, especially the red Ai variety, which is easy to touch the fetal gas of pregnant women. In order to ensure that pregnant women are safe, people taboo pregnant women touch the wormwood; the second reason is that there are some some reason that some are some of them.People with secular prejudice think that pregnant women can easily bring bad mildew; because pregnancy and bad luck are a little homophonic, some superstitious people will think that everything that pregnant women touch will bring bad luck; so taboo taboos, taboo taboosPregnant women use Ai or Ai hanging Ai.


When coming to the Dragon Boat Festival, I am inserting Ai, which is a folk custom that has been passed on for thousands of years; it is closely related to people’s desire to pray for blessings and disaster the disaster.Therefore, inserting Ai Dragon Boat Festival is both a folklore and a need for people’s life; however, there are a lot of attention to the Dragon Boat Festival. If you insert Ai at will, the wormwood with three long two is placed in front of the door.Heart; so the five old words about the people in the people can avoid embarrassment of people who do not understand the Dragon Boat Festival.


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