Why should pregnant women replenish zinc?The probability of zinc supplementation during pregnancy is high!How to make zinc in expectant mothers?

Zinc is an indispensable trace element for the human body. The role of human health, as experts say: zinc is "the spark of life and wisdom". Without zinc, there is no growth and development.After the brainwashing of various advertising, most people think that children need to supplement zinc when they do not like to eat, otherwise they will affect their healthy growth.As everyone knows, there is another type of people who can’t deficiency in zinc. This kind of people are pregnant women!Recently, US researchers have found that if pregnant women with low plasma zinc level are supplemented, the weight of the baby’s birth and head circumference have increased.According to a survey of more than 4,000 pregnant women and breasts in 8 provinces and cities in China, they found that none of them have reached the supply standards recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society (pregnant women and breasts should have zinc intake of 20 mg per day), and zinc deficiencyThe incidence rate is about 30 %

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For most expectant mothers, it is the most effective and safest to supplement zinc through food.Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to zinc in their daily diet.Specific mothers can often eat animal liver, meat, eggs, fish, and coarse grains, and dried beans. These are foods rich in zinc.In addition, walnuts, melon seeds, and peanuts are small snacks containing more zinc. It is best to eat more every day, so as to play a better zinc supplement effect.Another kind of fruit is a very good source of zinc supplement.That is Apple, which is not only rich in trace elements such as zinc, but also rich in nutrients such as lipids, carbohydrates, and multiple vitamins, especially the high fine fiber content, which helps to develop the sea -horse area of the edge of the fetal cerebral cortex. At the same time, at the same timeIt also helps the fetal memory of the day after tomorrow.Pregnant women eat L-2 apples every day to meet the amount of zinc.Personal mothers should pay attention: try to eat as little or not exquisite rice and noodles as possible, because wheat grinds malt and wheat bran, and when it becomes fine flour, zinc has been lost in large quantities, leaving only one -fifth.

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Important reasons for zinc supplementation for pregnant women:

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers need zinc daily for 20 mg.Medicalists believe that zinc deficiency will affect the division and regeneration of cells.Therefore, pregnant mothers should be appropriately supplemented by zinc during the entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period.Zinc has a significant effect on promoting intellectual development. Trace elements, known as the "flower of life", are one of the components of more than 100 enzymes in the body. Once the body is deficient in zinc, many enzymes cannot play its role, which can easily cause life metabolic disorder.Zinc has a great effect on promoting intellectual development.

Zinc is the activation agent of enzymes. It participates in the activity and metabolism of more than 80 enzymes in the body. It is synthesized with nucleic acid and protein, the metabolism of sugars and vitamins, and the relationship between the activities of pancreatic, gland, and pituitary gland.A lot of important physiological functions.Pregnant women should bear the nutritional needs of two people, and they are more likely to be deficient in zinc. The deficiency of zinc deficiency in pregnant women is not good for herself and the fetus.Pregnant women should bear the nutritional needs of two people, and they are more likely to be deficient in zinc. The deficiency of zinc deficiency in pregnant women is not good for herself and the fetus.

For the fetus, zinc deficiency affects its growth in the uterus, and it will affect important organs such as the brain, heart, pancreas, and thyroid gland, leading to dysplasia of the fetus.Especially in the early pregnancy, zinc deficiency in the mother’s body and reduced enzyme activity will inevitably seriously affect the growth and development of embryos and fetuses. Therefore, there are no brains, brain, spine cracks, skeletal deformities, positive diseases, urethral cracks, and lower urethra.The birth rate of testicular dysplasia, kidney malformations, low wisdom, low -weight children, etc., will also cause abortion, premature birth or expired pregnancy.

For pregnant women themselves, on the one hand, it will reduce autoimmunity and be prone to illness, especially during pregnancy. On the other hand, pregnant women are degenerate, appetite, and increased pregnancy response, and it will inevitably affect the nutrition of fetal development.Therefore, zinc and related trace elements must be supplied in time in the perinatal period. Otherwise, zinc deficiency in pregnant women will cause fetal fetal deficiency zinc deficiency, causing various induced diseases.

Zinc can promote the visual organs of the fetus. As we all know, the material basis of intelligence is nerve cells in the brain.The zinc plays an important role in promoting the copy of the nucleic acid of the brain nerve cells and the synthesis of protein. If the zinc is lacking, it will not only affect the division and number of brain cells, but also affect the development of the fetus’s visual and sexual organs.

Pregnant women often attach great importance to supplementing iron and calcium supplementation, but few people specialize in zinc.In addition to the above important role in pregnant women, zinc supplementation can also increase the chance of delivery.According to relevant data, the zinc content contained in pregnant women has a huge connection with the ability of uterine contraction, which means that when pregnant women lack zinc, it will affect the ability of muscle contraction and increase the difficulty of giving birth. ThereforeIncreasing the chance of dysentery can be appropriately supplemented during pregnancy.

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How do pregnant women supplement zinc to be scientific and effective?

This is related to plant foods in my country. The low zinc content is related to the absorption of zinc content and the interference of zinc in the grain and vegetables.Relevant experts suggest that pregnant women should pay attention to zinc from food.The right time of zinc supplementation for pregnant women is very important. Generally, zinc supplementation is selected in the second trimester. In the middle and late pregnancy, it is an important period for organ development of fetal skeletal. It is usually inspected in the hospital and determined the dose of supplement according to the test results.You know, the content of zinc in the plasma of pregnant women is often at low or critical levels. If the content of plasma zinc is lower than the normal level, zinc should be supplemented.

1. The highest zinc containing oysters in seafood;

2. The nuts of plant fruits are high, such as walnuts, peanuts, watermelon seeds, chestnuts, scallops, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds, soybeans;

3. The content of apples in the fruits is the highest, bananas, walnuts, kiwi, fresh dates, pear, jujube, black jujube, strawberry, apricot, peach, persimmon, etc.;

4. Soy products have high zinc containing, such as tofu skin and soybeans;

5. Rough grain and zinc supplement are also very good, such as coarse flour, millet, etc.;

6. Wolfberry, cooked land, mulberry, ginseng, eucommia and other zinc content in Chinese medicine are also high;

7, zinc -rich foods are mainly lean meat of animals, such as pork, beef, lamb, fish, etc.

8. There are also white fungus, millet, radish, cabbage and so on.

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Note Mom Reminder:

The first thing to pay attention to pregnant women should not be excessive. Zinc element is indeed very important for pregnant women, but if it is excessively replenished, it is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Zinc supplement must be scientifically inspected and diagnosed. It does need zinc supplement to make up for it, and it must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Do not replenish.Calcium zinc cannot be supplemented.Trace elements will have an antagonistic effect on each other. At the same time, it will not absorb light supplementation. Therefore, zinc supplement and calcium are used to replenish zinc before meals.Most seafood is rich in zinc, but pregnant women should eat less seafood, up to 1 to 2 times a week, less than 100 grams each time, and do not eat seafish with high mercury containing mercury in swordfish and tuna.

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