Why should you get pregnant from the last menstrual period?Don’t worry, this can accurately find your due date accurately

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Last month, Xiao Jing had not come to the day when the "Auntie" was coming. It was 6 days after the normal date and did not move. Then I went to check the pregnancy. The result was surprising.36 days pregnant.

Xiao Jing was doubtful when she was excited. "Obviously it is the pregnancy that has just been checked. How can it be 36 days?" Her husband thought it was wrong. The pregnancy should be counted from the day of ovulation!

Xiao Jing immediately refuted his point of view, but believed that "it should start with the same room after ovulation, that is the beginning of a new life!"

Looking at the question marks of the two young people, they laughed at both. The doctor and Xiao Jing said that this was calculated from the last menstrual period of women, which is different from what you think.

Xiao Jing took the phone over the calendar and still disagreed with the doctor’s point of view. After the menstruation left, there must not be 36 days after the menstruation goes away.Now the doctor was completely covered and had to be serious science to them.

In fact, the question of how many days of pregnancy and the day’s due date have plagued many pregnant women. They always insist that they are right. However, they can count it anyway, but the result may be very different from the doctor’s conclusion.

On the first day of the last menstruation, many people will naturally understand "the day when menstruation goes", but it is actually "the day of menstruation".

Because even if you can accurately remember the date of ovulation and the time in the same room, there is no time to accurately judge the combination of essence eggs, but the first day of the last menstruation of women is accurate and can be accurately judged.

Therefore, in medical, calculations will be calculated from the first day of women’s last menstrual period, which will calculate the fetal weeks and due date of the fetus.

October is pregnant, and the monthly cycle of women’s monthly menstrual cycle is 28 days. According to this calculation, 10 months of pregnancy and 40 weeks are 280 days of pregnancy.

Obstetricians have a formula for calculating due date: month-3 (or +9), date +7, (remind: month is greater than 3 -3, less than 3 +9).

Look at an example. For example, the last menstrual period of a expectant mother last month came on February 13. Then calculated according to this formula, the month 2+9 is November, the date is 13+7 for the 20th, the due date is November, the November is November.20 days.

Everyone must understand that the due date is "expected date", but it is not absolute. The baby’s birth within 2 weeks before the due date is a normal range.

① Seeing red.Seeing red before giving birth is an obvious sign, and bloody secretions are discharged from the vagina.If the blood volume is small, it means that there is still a period of time before childbirth. If you don’t have to be too nervous, you can also take a bath under the care of your family.

If the amount of bleeding is large and bright red, it is obviously more than the menstrual flow, then it is better to send it to the hospital for delivery.

② contractions.Maternal maternal will feel the uterus with regular contraction, and the interval is getting shorter and shorter, and the pain gradually worsen. This is a precursor to childbirth.

③ Break water.When it is close to the due date, pregnant women will find that they have been flowing more than when they go to the toilet. This is the breaking of amniotic fluid.Some careless pregnant mothers may "pee out".

In terms of color, the amniotic fluid is pale yellow or transparent, which is smooth, and the due date is almost coming. Don’t take it seriously.

Remind all of the pregnant mothers is that the above three performances show that any one shows that the fetus is about to launch. It is more insurance to bring the package and related documents to the hospital. Don’t wait anymore.

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Because of this calculation method, many Baoma has been in her month when she is pregnant. Hurry up to make an appointment and check, adjust the diet and schedule. From the day you know that there is a baby, you will have a actionist.

Although October is long, the days when your baby is inseparable from you is just these days.Cherish the days when you are connected with your children, and use the best mental state and a great body to welcome the arrival of the newborn!

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Is your baby born on the day of the due date?How many days are early or postponed?

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