Wife is pregnant, her husband vomits

Recently, good friends have been pregnant. As a 38 -year -old mother, this child has suffered a lot of sins. He did two test tubes before he conceived the child.However, my friend has no reaction to this pregnancy. She should eat, drink, drink, and sleep, but her husband is guilty of great guilty. Every day, she ends, what to eat!The whole person is haggard!

At first, my friend did not expect that his husband was pregnant. He thought he had taken things badly and took some stomach medicine. However, as the month increased her husband, he vomited even more.In fact, pregnancy vomiting is very common during pregnancy during pregnancy. About 50%of women will have pregnancy vomiting in early pregnancy. After about 12 weeks, this situation will be relieved or disappeared., But I am really the first time that men are pregnant!

The friend’s husband was pregnant on the first day when he was pregnant with the child, and the reaction became more and more intense.It was constant retching, sometimes holding the toilet for half an hour, and spit out the bile!My friends were depressed at a time, thinking that she became ugly after pregnancy, and she was abandoned by her husband, and many of her young sisters also gave her many "husbands’ derailment during pregnancy" [covering face].Several times.

Fortunately, I finally watched a doctor. The old gentleman told them that some men would have insomnia, fatigue, and emotional instability after their wives.It is "intended to take birth syndrome".With the development of the information age, there are more and more men’s pregnancy. Although there is no health institution to count the specific data, the proportion of men’s pregnancy in East Asian countries is relatively high.

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In fact, as early as 2016, domestic psychologists were concerned about "men’s pregnancy vomiting" and published related research reports on the well -known medical magazine The Lancet.The report states that some men will increase their oxytocin levels after their wives are pregnant.Coupled with the changes in psychological changes and the living environment, the phenomenon of men’s pregnancy vary from person to person. Some of the adverse reactions such as the pregnancy of the prospective dad will accompany the entire pregnancy cycle of the wife.

However, this pregnancy vomiting is not unparalleled. My friend’s husband vomited for four months and successfully became a lightning [呲 呲]. She started to worry about it again. She said that her husband was nine years younger than her.No one remembered, but I didn’t expect it to fall out so soon!well!The hormones of girls during pregnancy say that they have changed, and they have tossed a cheerful girl into a suspicious young woman.I don’t know if you have a male friend who can vomit your pregnancy [呲 呲]


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