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Summary: Headache during pregnancy is really unbearable!

For young pregnant women, it is really beautiful to welcome new life.

Every day is full of expectations, every day has different happiness, and every day I want to do with my baby.

But starting with the baby’s body in the mother’s body, the life of "monsters" has also opened.

Pregnancy, constipation, insomnia, heart burning, headache ……. Every "monster" is not easy to defeat.

Chen Kailin, who was pregnant in May that he was pregnant with a second child, the first "monster" he met during pregnancy was a headache.

Two days ago, Chen Kailin took photos of exercise during pregnancy, which was also the first appearance after her and Zheng Jiaying officially announced the second child.

I have to say that the state of this pregnancy is really great. It is not long at all, and it is still a high face, long legs and fine arms.

It can be seen from the photos that the scale of Chen Kailin’s movement is quite large, which also makes many netizens worry about it, but the movement is the only way she can find headaches to alleviate the headache during pregnancy.

Chen Kailin said: From the beginning of pregnancy, it is easy to migraine. There are many different soothing methods, massage acupuncture, and even take painkillers, but it has no effect.

A friend suggested that she try to do exercise, use Plassee to relax her body, and relieve the position of the strain.

For Chen Kailin: The effect of exercise is still good. After two times, the headache relieves a lot. She also reminds all pregnant mothers: If you encounter problems during pregnancy, you must encourage herself and actively find a way to help herself.

Indeed, pregnancy is really not easy for women. Although it is beautiful to give birth to life, pregnancy will really bring discomfort. The uncomfortable physical discomfort will really affect the quality of life during pregnancy and the mood of pregnant mothers.

For babies in the stomach, pregnant mothers have a good mood to help them grow better.

Therefore, if you are uncomfortable during pregnancy, you must find a way to relieve it in time, do not support it.

It is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers: Do not blindly do large -scale exercise, you must exercise under the guidance of the doctor with the consent of the doctor.

During pregnancy, many mothers met.

There was a mother on Zhihu. She started headache at 14 weeks of pregnancy, and was very powerful. The headache was similar to a migraine. The headache on the left was finished. Then the head hurt on the right, and the pain position was at the temple.

At first she thought she was a cold as usual, and she would have a good sleep, but there was no fact.

Headache is getting worse and more serious, sometimes headaches are cracked. During that time, the head can only remain still. If you move, you will aggravate headaches.

She went to the hospital for examination and eliminated the problem of anemia and blood pressure. The doctor just asked her to go home to observe for a while.

What is the experience of headache during pregnancy?It is probably the feeling that the whole person is not good.

"When I was pregnant, I had a migraine. It was so painful and painful. The whole head was not good. I dare not conceive again."

"It is easy to dizzy since pregnancy, and headaches have been born from the beginning to give birth."

"A headache during pregnancy, I could n’t hold it once when I could n’t hold it, I had to keep the oil in the temple, only once, and I could only boil each time."

"I started from 11 weeks to 14 weeks. It was really hard. I couldn’t sleep at night and had been painful. Is it really no solution during pregnancy?"

"From 10 weeks to now and 20 weeks, I have headaches on the right side every day. I watched dental, spine, and gods. They all said that they were tolerated, but it really affected work and distress.

Pregnant mother is really difficult!IntersectionIntersectionHug you.

Let’s talk about headaches during pregnancy today.

Headache during pregnancy is very common. A medical comment report said that 39%of pregnant mothers have experienced headaches during pregnancy.

Headaches during pregnancy may occur during pregnancy, but most of the headaches during pregnancy are harmless.

Compared with headaches in the middle or late pregnancy, headaches in early pregnancy may be caused by different reasons.

In some cases, headaches may be a sign of other health problems during pregnancy.

Tell the doctor about the headache, to remember the diary, record the frequency and severity of the headache, and other symptoms accompanied by, which can help you better protect the health of you and your baby.

Most headaches during pregnancy are primary headaches, which means that headaches happen by itself. It is not a sign or symptom of another disease or pregnancy complications. There are several cases of headaches during pregnancy:

● Tension headache

● Migraine headache

● Cluster headache (severe short -term headache)

About 26%of the headache during pregnancy is tense headache. If you have chronic headache or migraine during pregnancy, or a history of migraine, please consult a doctor.

Some mothers with a history of migraine disease have fewer headaches during pregnancy.Migraphy is also related to complications that occur in the late pregnancy or the baby’s birth.

Secondary headaches are caused by pregnancy complications (such as hypertension).

Common symptoms of headaches during pregnancy include:

● Faint pain

● Pumping or fighting pain

● Starty pain on one or both sides

● One or two eyes are severely painful

Migraphy may still include:

● Nausea

● Vomit

● See lines or flash

● Blind area

Why do headaches during pregnancy?There are different reasons for different pregnancy.

1. Early pregnancy -the first three months

Tension headaches are very common in the first three months of pregnancy. This is caused by changes in the body’s experience. These changes may cause headaches: hormonal changes, higher blood capacity, weight changes.

Common causes of headaches in early pregnancy also include:

● dehydration

● Nausea and vomiting

● Stress

● Insufficient sleep

● Quit caffeine

● malnutrition

● Hypoglycemia

● Too little physical activity

● Sensitive to light

● Visual change

2. In the middle of pregnancy and late pregnancy

The causes of headaches caused in the middle and third trimester include:

● Increased weight

● Incorrect posture

● Sleep too little

● Diet

● muscle strain and tightness

● Hypertension

● Diabetes

3. Hypertension (signs of eclampsia)

Strong headaches in the middle or late pregnancy may be signs of signs of eclampsia or hypertension during pregnancy.Eclaration is a rare disease that affects about 5 % to 10 % of pregnancy.The headache caused by signs of eclampsia is durable. Moms with signs of eclaver may also have blurred vision or spots, weight gain (more than 1 catties per day), pain in the right upper abdomen, and swelling of the hands and face.

If the headache is abnormal or any these symptoms are encountered, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Pregnancy hypertension may also increase the following risks:

● stroke

● Oclave

● Baby’s oxygen flow is low

● Premature birth, 37 weeks ago

● Early peeling of the placenta

● Baby birth weight is low, less than 5 catties

Is there a way to relieve the headache of so many pregnant mothers?

some!To prevent or relieve mild headaches during pregnancy without taking drugs, you can try the following methods:

① Avoid headaches in the cause of headache.Food usually causes headache or migraine.Keep food diary to avoid headaches, such as chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, meat with preservatives.

② Arrange exercise time in daily life.Just like Chen Kailin, Prate can relieve headaches during pregnancy. Of course, the effect varies from person to person. You can also try to walk every day or other moderate aerobic exercises.

③ Management pressure.Too nervous, most of the pressure may cause headaches, find healthy methods to deal with stress, do what you like to do, listen to the songs you like to listen to, and seek help in time to help relieve stress.

④ Practice relaxation skills.Try to breathe deep, yoga, massage and imagination, letting yourself relax is a good way to decompress.

⑤ Eat less meals.A regular diet and maintaining a healthy diet can help prevent headaches, anemia, hunger, which can cause headaches. A good prevention method is to eat healthy, prepare healthy snacks, let yourself be hungry, eat more foodsTo maintain blood sugar, this may also help prevent headaches in the future.

⑥ Follow a regular sleep schedule.Insufficient sleep can lead to headaches during pregnancy. If you are difficult to fall asleep during pregnancy, you should intervene in time and consult your doctor. If you do not sleep enough at night, you can sleep in a noon during the day.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep water.Dehydration may cause headaches. During the day, you remind yourself to drink water and drink enough water to prevent and reduce headaches.

⑧ If you are tense headache, you can apply cold or ice packs at the bottom of the neck. You can also massage. Massage shoulders and necks are an effective way to relieve pain.

。 Change the posture.If you have a headache, don’t stand all the way, sit or lie, change your posture may ease.

或 If it is sensitive to light and/or sound, try to block it or minimize it (sunglasses to prevent noise).

The above method can relieve mild headaches. If the headache is severe, you must consult the doctor in a timely manner. Do not resist it to let the doctor eliminate the potential risk factors.

If you are worried that headaches during pregnancy will cause problems, don’t hesitate to see a doctor in time, especially if there is the following situations, seek medical treatment immediately:

● Hot fever

● Nausea and vomiting

● Variable vision

● Fierce pain

● Headache for more than a few hours

● Frequent headache

● Flow

● Seizure

● The headache is accompanied by blurred vision, and the weight of the weight suddenly increases.

Also, these healthy common sense, young pregnant women also need to know:

① Some headaches in the middle and late pregnancy may be serious.

② At least the use of home monitors to check blood pressure every day.Hypertension is a serious cause of headache during pregnancy. At any time you get pregnant, you may have hypertension. It is important to monitor blood pressure when regular production testing.

③ If headaches occur during pregnancy, please tell your doctor.

④ If you have a personal or family medical history with migraine, hypertension, epilepsy or diabetes, please let your doctor know immediately.

⑤ Take all drugs and treatment in strict accordance with the doctor’s prescription.Carefully abide by all diet and exercise suggestions.All follow -up and regular examinations have to go to a doctor.Most causes of headaches during pregnancy can be treated or prevented by correct treatment.

I hope that the little pregnant women can go well!

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