Wild honey, clearing heat and coughing and sleeping

Honey is a healthy food and medicine for natural medicine and food, and it is also a commonly used medicinal auxiliary materials, such as honey licorice, honey, and six flavors of yellow pills.Honey has a long history of use, and today I will share with you to understand Chinese medicine honey.

The story of honey and famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing

Zhang Zhongjing, a famous doctor, has been very easy to learn since he was a child. He followed the famous doctor Zhang Bozu.One day, a patient with dry lips, high fever, and mentally sluggish patients came to seek medical treatment. After the diagnosis of Zhang Bozu, he believed that it was caused by "fever and evil injury, physical deficiency and constipation".However, considering the weak physique of the patient, the body with Diaoya is not tolerated.Zhang Zhongjing thought of a law, and the teacher felt feasible after listening, and immediately let Zhang Zhongjing Pharmaceutical.

Zhang Zhongjing took a spoonful of Huang Chengcheng’s honey, put it in a copper bowl, put it on the micro fire slowly, and continued to stir with chopsticks to speed up the evaporation of the water vapor.Later, Zhang Zhongjing kneaded it into a slender strip (similar to today’s external suppository), and then stuffed it into the patient’s anus. After a while, the patient smoothly discharged the feces.Healed.

Zhang Bozu praised his apprentice every time. This method was also included in Zhang Zhongjing’s "The Diseases of Treatment of Treatment of Treats of Cold Miscellaneous Diseases". It was named "Honey Fried Recipe" mainly used to treat typhoid fever.This is also the earliest drug enema method, similar to today’s external suppository.

The source and use of honey

Honey is derived from the honey brewed by Chinese bees or Italian bee.Spring from spring to autumn, filtering.Honey is translucent, shiny, thick liquid, white to pale yellow or orange to yellow -brown. For a long time, it will be brought out for a long time or when it is cold.Qi is fragrant and sweet.Honey in the market is divided into honey sources mainly including hundreds of nectar, jujube nectar, Jingzong honey, rapeseed nectar, purple cloud honey, citrus nectar, citrus tree honey, lychee honey, longan honey, etc.

Honey started in "Shen Nong’s Materia Medica", and "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded "Honey, which has five medicines: clear heat, tonic, detoxification, moisturizing, and pain.; Cooked is warm, so it can be supplemented; sweet and peaceful, so it can detoxify; soft and lingering, so it can moisturize; slowly can be tough, so it can stop the pain of the sores of the heart and abdomen;Can reconcile hundreds of medicine and work with licorice. "

The efficacy and clinical application of honey

Honey, sweet and flat.Return to lung, spleen, and large intestine.It has the effects of nourishing, moisturizing, pain relief, and detoxifying; external use has the effect of raw muscle convergence.Clinically, it is used in abdominal deficiency pain, dry cough, dry and constipation of the intestines, and relieving black head drugs;In terms of cough, related studies have shown that (explanation) The effect of right Meishafen’s treatment of children’s cough is not better than honey. At the same time, honey is compared with (interpretation) to reduce cough frequency, alleviate the severity of cough, and improve children’s sleep.better.

Honey chemical composition and modern pharmacological role

Modern studies have shown that honey contains fructose and glucose, and also contains a small amount of chemical ingredients such as polysaccharides, protein, amino acids, organic acids, phenolic acid, and flavonoids.Modern pharmacological studies have shown that honey has various functions such as antioxidant, anti -inflammatory, antibacterial, liver and strong heart, relieving cough and lungs, accelerating the repair of trauma tissues, anti -tumor, nourishing strong, and enhancing immune functions.

The true and false identification of honey

Pseudo -false fakes are the main quality and safety of honey. In order to improve economic benefits, some bad businesses can make huge profits from adding cheap sweeteners to natural honey.Rice syrup and maltose syrup are the most common adulterations in my country’s honey.There are many high -tech methods, such as spectral method, chromatography, and MRI. It is not too practical for us to buy honey. Usually, we mainly identify the authenticity of honey through sensory identification.: Take a look.

At first glance: Look at the ingredients table, as long as the products named after honey or honey must be pure honey, no other substance is allowed to be added; looking at the purity, honey contains a small amount of plant pollen, and also contains the material of honey glue.Occascular, good honey is glowing in light at light, and the lower end of the honey when the chopsticks are provoked.

Second taste: The sweetness of honey is slightly sour and long.If the taste of honey is too sweet and strong during the taste, it may be mixed with syrup in its composition.


Honey is hailed as "the most perfect nutritional food in nature". As a drug, it is widely used in clinical practice. It has the effects of supplementation, moisturizing, pain relief, and detoxification; external use has the effect of raw muscle condensation.But honey is not suitable for all people. Children and patients with diabetes within their age are not suitable for taking.Because honey water contains a large amount of carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose, diabetic people cannot drink.When consumption of honey, you must use warm water or cold water to ensure that many nutrients in honey do not cause loss.It is not suitable for drinking honey water before going to bed, which can cause obesity, also affect the health of the teeth, and lead to the occurrence of a variety of oral diseases.


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