Will bleeding in early pregnancy abortion?

The author of this article is Guo Ruixia, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Zhengzhou University

Early pregnancy refers to less than 3 months of pregnancy.This situation is often encountered in clinical work, and it is difficult to get pregnant, but it is bleeding below. What is going on?Abortion, ectopic pregnancy, fatigue, hydatidal fetus, etc. are common causes of early pregnancy bleeding.Below, introduce them separately.

Abortion is the most common cause of bleeding in early pregnancy.There are often signs, manifested in a small amount of vaginal bleeding after menopause. After a few hours to several days after bleeding, slight lower abdominal pain or lumbosacral pain can occur. Ultrasonic diagnosis is after the palace pregnancy.You can continue to pregnancy; but some patients have increased vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain, or vaginal fluid. In this case, it is often difficult to avoid.

About half of the miscarriage is caused by the abnormal chromosomes of embryos or fetuses, that is, congenital defects. Therefore, abortion is often a phenomenon of natural elimination in nature, and it should be regarded as usual.

Ectopic pregnancy means that fertilized eggs do not bed in the uterine cavity, and they are in the uterus.The pregnant body in the outer bed of the uterine cavity cannot develop normally. The proportion of estrogen and progesterone in the body changes, which can easily cause the peeling of the decolic and the uterine wall, manifested as irregular vaginal bleeding.

Because ectopic pregnancy is also "pregnancy", patients often show menopause.Once diagnosed as an ectopic pregnancy, it should be hospitalized as soon as possible, because ectopic pregnancy rupture of large bleeding (blood often flows to the pelvic abdominal cavity) can cause patients with blood loss or even death.Therefore, if you are pregnant and have vaginal bleeding, you must go to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department to determine whether it is an ectopic pregnancy or other problems.

It is also often manifested as irregular vaginal bleeding after menopause. At the same time, there are often uterine abnormalities, bilateral ovarian luteum cysts, and pregnancy marks HCG abnormally high. Ultrasonic examinations are greatly helpful for diagnosis.Once the diagnosis is a hydatidifier, you should go to the hospital for hospitalization as soon as possible. Time to clear the palace in time is one of the main diagnosis and treatment measures.

If pregnant women are too tired and work pressure, a small amount of vaginal bleeding may occur, as long as they rest in bed, they can improve their symptoms.Although bed rest is the best way to settle, it is best to ask the physician to diagnose the diagnosis to avoid missing the timing of treatment when it is found to have bleeding for the first time.

If you have pelvic inflammation after pregnancy, it can also be manifested as vaginal bleeding. At the same time, there are often abdominal pain and even fever. The test may have signs of inflammation such as leukocytes.Patients with polyps and cervical erosion can also cause vaginal bleeding after pregnancy.

In short, the vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, I don’t forget to go to the hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, diagnose and treat it in a timely manner.Otherwise, it may cause incredible losses.

Do I need to take fetal medicine for early pregnancy bleeding?

The author of this article is Zhang Rongya

Vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy is still relatively common. For reasons, it can warn abortion, natural miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, etc. It must be checked to eliminate ectopic pregnancy in ultrasound, progesterone, and BHCG.Because there is a risk of major bleeding from ectopic pregnancy, there may be danger of life and very dangerous.

If ectopic pregnancy is excluded, pregnancy continues, consider the signs of abortion, and observe its return:

One -third of the people are naturally improved and can be used to give birth smoothly without having to deal with it.

Two -thirds of the people finally aborted.

Half of the natural abortion is abnormal fetal chromosomes. For example, it is not good to expose the teratogenic items or the fetal genes of the fetus itself, which is equivalent to biological evolution and survival of the fittest.

Half of the other factors, such as lack of luteal function, infection and so on.

Internationally believes that threatened abortion can not be treated, no need to take tire protection drugs, just rest in bed.

Because blind fetus may leave the malformed fetus, the child is given deformed child to the fetus itself, mother and family, and human genes.

If repeated abortion repeatedly (more than 3 times), you need to leave a color screening for the color screening for the cause of the abortion;

If previously repeated abortion, it is clear that there is insufficient luteal function, you can use tire preservation.

If it is a special circumstances of a IVF or other fetuses, you can also use fetal drugs according to the condition.

Bleeding needs to observe the amount of bleeding in the early pregnancy.

If no bleeding, the regular production check, explain your situation to your obstetric doctor

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