Will chocolate cysts affect pregnancy?You need to know these bad consequences

Ovarian chocolate cysts are also called ectopic ovary cysts as endometrium.In addition to the ectopic endometrium, it can occur in the ovaries, or it can cause nasal hemorrhage in the lymphatic system, or in the nasal cavity.

When an abnormal endometrium occurs on the ovaries, the periodicity of each month will also occur.We know that if the normal endometrium shed bleeding, the menstrual blood can be discharged smoothly, but it can only be piled up in the ovaries and forms an old hemorrhage cyst.

There is no doubt that the chocolate cyst is actually one of the ectopic types of endometriosis.Most of women who occur at the age of 25-45 are maternity needs.

Because ovarian chocolate cysts can gradually increase, it may lead to some affected ovulation function of the ovary.When chocolate cysts appear, the ovaries cannot be discharged normally, and the development of eggs cannot be guaranteed.As a result, egg cells may not be able to conceive.

Another is that it may cause tissue adhesion symptoms in the ovaries, which also hinders the normal path of the egg cells through the fallopian tube to a certain extent.According to relevant data, infertility caused by female uterine endometriosis accounts for about 50%of female infertility cases.

1. Symptoms of irregular menstruation

The ovarian chocolate cysts can cause women’s irregular menstruation, such as increased blood volume and extension of menstrual period.Due to cysts, this pain can show a trend of persistent aggravation.

At the same time, women’s ovarian function can also be affected accordingly.At this time, the endocrine in the body will also have certain disorders.

2. Husband and wife pain in life

After suffering from chocolate cysts, the ectopic endometrium is gradually growing near the rectum uterine nest, that is, the part that gradually approaches the vagina, it may cause women to have pain corresponding to the husband and wife life.

3. Symptoms of pelvic adhesion

Due to the periodic rupture of the endometrium in the abnormal level, the ovarian can cause different degrees of internal pressure during the menstrual period to increase the ovaries during the menstrual period.

Due to the increase in blood accumulation in the cyst and rising pressure, there may be rupture.At this time, the congestion flowing into the pelvic cavity can stimulate the peritoneum and cause pelvic adhesion.

Chocolate cysts are mainly diagnosed through B -ultrasound.For the treatment of chocolate cysts, it is mainly for conservative drug treatment or surgical treatment.

To prevent the occurrence of chocolate cysts, the more important thing is to pay attention to menstrual hygiene, followed by reducing the mechanical damage to the endometrium of some hospitals, such as multiple curetts and people.

Although chocolate cysts rarely cause bad changes, if they are not treated in time after diagnosis, they may still transform into malignant performance such as hyperplasia, infiltration, and metastasis during the development of the disease.

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