Will hepatitis B virus carry to the baby after pregnancy?Let’s understand together

Ms. Li just learned that she was pregnant for 3 and a half weeks, but she was full of anxiety at the same time, because Ms. Li was a carriers of hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis B virus could spread the virus to babies by spreading the virus by maternal and infants.The relationship is suffering from hepatitis B.Therefore, she went to the hospital to learn about this on the first day after resumption.

Indeed, pregnant women with hepatitis B or pregnant women with hepatitis B virus can spread the hepatitis B virus to the fetus through the spread of maternal and infant transmission.Therefore, after Ms. Li confirmed that she was pregnant, the first step was to explain the relevant diseases to the obstetricians and referred to the relevant obstetrics for timely consultation. Today, the obstetrics have specialized disease treatment departments.

Furthermore, what maternal and infant blocking should maternal and baby be known?What are the specific methods for maternal and infants?Maternal and infant blocking is the immunity of newborns through inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine and high -efficiency price of hepatitis B immunoglobulin.The specific method is that the first is to inoculate hepatitis B vaccine within 24 hours, 1 month, and 6 months when the newborn is born.

In addition, within 6 hours and 1 month of the birth of the newborn, hepatitis B immunoglobulin of 200 units was vaccinated for immune treatment of hepatitis B virus.However, the above two newborn vaccination methods need to follow up the immune effects of newborns. It is necessary to regularly detect whether the newborn has a hepatitis B antibody to prevent hepatitis B virus.

The method of vaccination can play the effect of most maternal and baby blocking, but at the same time, there will be a lot of other newborn no antibodies after vaccination. At this time, you may need to be vaccinated and consult the relevant doctors.Don’t worry too much, this method of maternal and infant blocking is already very effective and efficient.

In the end, of course, I wish I wish a healthy baby like Ms. Li.As long as the mother -to -child blockage is performed, the maternal maternal can still give breastfeeding normally to allow the baby to grow up healthily.””” 团”

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