Will I return to my mother’s house for the New Year during the third trimester?If you know these dangers, it is estimated that you will not return 100,000 than 100,000

Guide: Do you want to go back to your mother’s house in the third trimester?

My friend said: I have been pregnant for 36+3 weeks. I want to go back to my mother’s house for the New Year, but there is a custom in my hometown that cannot have children in her mother’s house.Is it premature?

The custom of having children in her mother’s family is second, mainly because they are afraid of premature birth.In case of birth on the road, start emergency rescue.Or start in the maiden family. In case of far away from the hospital, it is not convenient for transportation, and it may be too late to go to the hospital.

In February 2016, a 19 -year -old passenger was pregnant for 9 months and gave birth to a child on the train.

In February 2018, Mr. Mei’s wife returned to her hometown 34 weeks of pregnancy to celebrate the New Year and had two children in the train prematurely.

In January 2019, pregnant women suddenly came to the pelvic on the way home.

These are all living reality, which should be vigilant by pregnant mothers.

Therefore, it ’s more than 36 weeks, and you will give birth in a few weeks. Do n’t trouble yourself.I really want to eat my mother’s New Year’s Eve dinner, let my mother come over to spend the Chinese New Year with herself.Anyway, it’s about to give birth, and my mother always comes to see it.

In the third trimester, no matter whether the fetus is full, there will be risk of childbirth.

After 32 weeks, it should be prevented, not to mention 36 weeks.In addition to pregnancy diseases, multiple abortion, twins, etc., there are also abortion caused by external force.

The following situations are prone to premature birth, so pay special attention: long -distance travel, bumpy roads.If the maiden family is far away, the journey is not very flat, and premature birth is very easy to occur.People are crowded and squeezed abdomen.If you go home and take the train, there are many people during the Spring Festival, and it will inevitably crowded, and you will squeeze it on the abdomen without paying attention.Stand up for a long time and overwork.If you wait for the car, wait for people, there is no place where you can take a long time, if you need to stand for a long time, excessive exhaustion will cause pregnant mothers to be unwell.Improper diet and cause gastrointestinal disease.During the Spring Festival, there are too many foods and easy to be greedy.In case of cold and eating, it will cause stomach discomfort.Do not pay attention to hygiene, causing pussy infection.If you return to your hometown, there is no condition to take a bath, and it is easy to cause hygiene infection.Excessive psychological pressure and frequent contractions.If you are always worried about premature birth and psychological stress, you will also produce premature birth.

If the maiden family is far away from herself and long -distance hard meal, the above 6 problems will inevitably occur, which will easily induce premature birth.Therefore, at the third trimester, you should be at home with peace of mind to prevent premature birth.

If the child is born in less than a month, the following problems are generally existed:

1. The weight is relatively low and weighs less than 5 pounds. It takes longer to catch up with the full moon.

2. There are not enough subcutaneous fat, the insulation ability is not strong, and it is easier to be afraid of cold.

3. The development of the lungs is immature, and the breath may be used to use mechanical ventilation, and the cost is relatively high.

4. The immune system is not complete, the resistance is not strong, and it is easy to get sick.

5, 37-39 weeks are the critical period of brain development. The development of the brain is not perfect, and parents need to take care of them.

6, the sucking ability is relatively weak, not easy to take care of.

In short, premature babies are more troublesome than the care of the full moon, adding a lot of troubles to themselves.

Therefore, if you are far away from your mother, don’t go back.If you leave very close, it is okay to go back for a meal.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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