Will it be kind to women in the workplace after pregnancy?

At present, the baby has been 14 months old and has been walking relatively stable.I often see a lot of Bao moms who are ready to ask for a second baby when a baby is one year old, but now the pressure of life is a bit strong. After the second child is born, the major task of bringing the child must be added.Hands.

Parents and father -in -law must hope that we have two good children, but we have not urged, just whatever we want.However, my husband and I are in a state of uncertainty. Of course, I still want a daughter, and who does not want their children to make up for a good word?

However, the baby has been naughty for 14 months now. It is no longer like a young when he is willing to stay in the fence to play in peace.After 3 hours, the general mother -in -law will take him out for more than an hour after getting up for him in the morning, and then go out at about 7 pm to play until 8:30 in the evening.I really worked hard.Whenever I think of this, I think about it. My husband said that the main wife was too hard. At this time, no matter if he was really the idea in his heart, I heard that I was always comfortable.Then there is the cost of children, but I don’t think I am most worried about these. What I am most worried about is that if you are pregnant with a second child, the company should not dismiss me. Even if there is legal protection, I always feel that I always feel thatSorry.After all, the power of capital is strong.

I have heard some friends around me saying that some companies will always have a way to let you go obediently. Even if you are pregnant … Women are really difficult, you have to take care of your family, have children, you have to make money, you can not lose your job.It is also necessary to maintain beauty. In the society, women are still unfair to women.

I thought about waiting for the baby to go to the kindergarten before seeing whether the second child should be the second child according to the actual situation.Women are really good, the scar is forgotten. [Laughing and crying] When he was pregnant, he vowed that he would not have a second one, but looking at the baby so cute (although sometimes he hated it), I was looking forward toHow good is there a daughter.

With the sense of God, there are two children in the same company. I am really afraid that the company will dismiss me, and I will have some intentions in my heart, and I will think about what the leader thinks of you and how do you think of you?Are there any people with the same psychology and the same situation?What do you generally do?

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