Will people radiate after CT?Doctors come to rumors

“Twice in two days, will it be harmful to the body”

Many people know that CT examination is radiation, and many people think that after CT, there are radiation, and you must stay away from those who do CT. Is it right?

Will a person do CT twice in two days, will it be harmful to the body?

The correct statement is that the first half sentence, the CT examination is radiation, which may be harmful to the human body.Because the CT examination is an X -ray examination, X -ray can cause electricity to radiate. Large -dose of exposure can cause damage to the human body, damage, and even carcinogenic.However, cancer will not immediately appear. It may have to increase the incidence of cancer after several years, or even decades, and it will cause cancer.Big, the greater the possibility of cancer.

Will a person do CT twice in two days, will it be harmful to the body?

Because CT may cause cell cancer, can you not do CT examination? Everyone has a lot of ideas. Doing CT once or twice, the dose accepts is small and the harm is not great.

In fact, we live on the earth, even if you do nothing, radiation still exists.In addition, radiation, smoking, and airplanes will be freely received every day.If the dose does not exceed the standard, the harm to the human body is very small, you can rest assured.

However, if you want to get pregnant or have you pregnant, you must tell your doctor that it is best not to do a CT examination, especially in the early pregnancy.If you want to conceive, women cannot do CT or X -rays within three months within half a year.

After the CT scan is completed, does the patient have radiation?

The radiation of CT comes from the X -ray released by the CT machine. Only in the X -ray released by the CT machine can it harm the human body. After the CT examination is done, the patient itself does not radiate. You can rest assured that there is no harm to the patient.Then, do CT examination and check whether the injection is radiated.If it is a general enhancement CT examination, the contrast agent is iodine, but it is just to show the blood vessels. There is no radiation. You can rest assured.

Will a person do CT twice in two days, will it be harmful to the body?

If PET/CT examination is performed, the drugs are radiated, because patients with isotope standards are used. Patients who have performed PET/CT examinations. It is best not to contact children and pregnant women in two days.

What should I pay attention to after CT examination?

If the CT is done flat, there is no CT check for the medicine. You do n’t need to pay attention to what you need to pay attention to after finishing.

If the CT examination is enhanced, for a period of time after the examination, some people will be allergic to the comparison agent. There may be uncomfortable symptoms such as fever, rash, and headache. In severe cases, a contrast agent can have allergic reactions, which can endanger life, but the probability of incidence is not high.Before taking the medicine, you can also take a skin test.

In addition, drink plenty of water, because the contrast agent is discharged from the urine, and drinking plenty of water can urinate a lot to promote the outlook of the filmmaking agent.Therefore, after CT, there is no radiation, and only radiation is only when doing CT.

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