Will pregnancy affect the health of the fetus without eating folic acid?

This is what everyone knows to prepare folic acid.However, some pregnant mothers are pregnant unexpectedly. They do not eat folic acid before pregnancy, and they will worry about whether this is good for the baby.So, does it affect the fetus without eating folic acid?

Why eat folic acid?

Folic acid plays an important role in the growth of cells, and the synthesis of nucleic acid, amino acids, and protein. It is an indispensable nutrient for the growth and development of fetal baby.

The first 3 months during pregnancy is a critical period for fetal nerve development, and the demand for folic acid for pregnant mothers is 4 times higher than normal people. If folic acid is lacking at this time, it will easily lead to the development of fetal nerve tube development defects, increase spine bales, brainless childrenThe incidence.

Therefore, it is recommended that folic acid tablets should be eaten 3 months before pregnancy until 3 months after pregnancy.In addition, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet can also ensure the intake of folic acid.

Foods with high folic acid content include animal liver, green vegetables, bean sprouts, cereals, peanuts, etc., such as lettuce, spinach, tomato, carrot, greens, broccoli, rapeseed, cabbage, strawberry, cherry, cherry, cherry, Banana, etc.

However, because folic acid is unstable in food and is easy to lose during cooking, the effect of food supplement is not obvious.

Do you eat folic acid before pregnancy and affect your baby’s health?


Folic acid supplementation of folic acid before and after pregnancy is to reduce the risk of fetal neurothetering deformedness, which is a good measure for eugenics.However, it does not mean that babies do not eat folic acid will definitely develop deformity.

Moreover, even if you do not supplement folic acid before pregnancy, you can replenish it after you find it.It ’s all right until three months of pregnancy.Regarding various examinations during pregnancy, friends who do not supplement folic acid before pregnancy should pay more attention to it.

If the pregnant mother itself has spinal bales or a fetus that has been pregnant with neuro tube deformities, she needs to take folic acid under the guidance of a doctor to reduce the chance of fetal disease.

There are also many female friends who have menstrual disorders after eating folic acid.In terms of folic acid, folic acid is just a water -soluble vitamin and does not cause menstrual disorders.

If you take folic acid to have menstrual disorders, you must first determine whether your own amount is normal, usually 0.4 mg per day.In addition, you can consider changing a brand.Of course, we must fully consider other factors other than folic acid, such as emotion, pressure, other medication, and so on.

Small talk:

It is recommended to prepare for pregnant husbands and wives to supplement folic acid in advance. It is best to add pregnant men to add. Women can stop until women pregnant men, and women continue to add 3 months of pregnancy.

However, folic acid cannot be supplemented too much. If a large dose of folic acid is supplemented, it will affect the absorption of zinc by pregnant mothers and cause zinc deficiency, and then the baby’s slow development and low weight at birth.

In short, in order to bred high -quality healthy babies, expectant mothers should pay special attention to their own diet, appropriately supplement nutritional elements to the baby, and pay attention to appropriate exercise!

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