Will pregnancy become ugly?You can also reach the peak of the face value during pregnancy

Q: Can I still have skin care and makeup after pregnancy?

A: Of course, pregnant women should take care of their skin, because the skin is good for pregnant mothers, so that they can bred a smart and lovely baby ~


Hormone secretion

After pregnancy, hormones in pregnant women will change greatly, and the levels of various hormones will be different.If pregnant women have poor hormone regulation, acne, spots or other skin problems will occur on their faces.


Psychological stress

Psychological stress is also one of the factors that cause the skin changes in pregnant women. The pressure on work or life will cause the pregnant woman’s psychological pressure, endocrine disorders, and abnormal sebum metabolism, which will cause skin to deteriorate.Some pregnant women’s mentality is more optimistic, so the skin will become better. The most important thing is to maintain a good mood and reduce stress in time!


Skin care

Before pregnancy, basically every woman uses skin care products, but after pregnancy, because they are afraid that skin care products will affect the fetus, many pregnant mothers will be reduced or do not use skin care products. The skin condition will become worse than before.Essence

In fact, after pregnancy, women should pay more attention to skin care.Because the metabolism speed will be accelerated after pregnancy, and it is easier to sweat, it is recommended that pregnant women use pure natural and suitable skin care products for pregnancy, so as to keep your skin in a good state.

Summary: In October, the hormone level of pregnant women’s body changes sharply, the skin tissue and nutritional structure have changed a lot, and the speed of the skin is naturally aging.So it is very necessary for pregnancy skin care, but what should you pay attention to?

Pay attention to avoid the use of "chemical efficacy" ingredients.For example: Class A ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamin acid, salicylic acid, mineral oil, etc.Such chemical components may cause their own allergies and carcinogens, and may also affect embryonic development and cause malformations.

Many pregnant mothers will be puzzled: Why do skin care products only hurt the fetus?

In fact, although the skin has a relatively complete metabolic function, it can metabolize most of the ingredients in skin care products.However, there are still fewer ingredients in skin care products that can penetrate into the blood through the skin.If these ingredients are toxic or harmful to the fetus, the health of the fetus will be threatened.Therefore, it is important to understand the product component when buying or using skin care products!

Everyone said that pregnancy is the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life, but face maintenance must not be lazy. If the skin care products are applied to the smear, the effect is not effective.Make loose skin health and beauty during pregnancy!

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