Will taking medicine during pregnancy really cause children’s deformity?

Recently, in October, I saw some expectant mothers on the Internet for the safety of medication during pregnancy. It seems that everyone has a lot of doubts about this!

Based on her 12 years of clinical experience, this bacteria found that the attitude of expectant mothers can be divided into two categories: one type of concerns about medication during pregnancy, and even refused to take all drugs to cause the disease to misunderstand the disease;Blindly causes unreasonable medication to cause fetal malformations or abortion, which will cause great harm to your body and mind.

According to data from "Frontier of Medicine" in 2012, pregnant mothers have taken at least 90%of drugs during pregnancy and at least 10 of them account for 4%.It can be seen that the expectant mother who took medicine during pregnancy is not an example, but there are many people who will have it, but everyone knows what medicine is used during pregnancy?

Basic principles of medication during pregnancy

1. The health of expectant mothers is the basis of the normal development of the baby. Specific mothers with acute and chronic diseases should be treated before pregnancy. After healing or.

2. Medication during pregnancy must be beneficial to the disease that treats the disease. You cannot abuse the drugs without permission.

3. During the early pregnancy, we should try to avoid the use of drugs (including over -the -counter drugs). If you need to take medicine, you should start taking medicine after the "high -sensitivity period".

4. When there are more than two drugs to choose from, choose a drug that is less harmful to the baby’s baby;

5. The complicated ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, it does not mean that it is completely safe and non -toxic. Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice;

6. After using the live vaccine to reduce poisoning and reduce the vaccine, contraception should be used in the short term, and live vaccines are disabled during pregnancy. Unless the expectant mothers’ risk of the disease exceeds the harm of immune to the baby and expectant mothers themselves.

Although most of the teratogenic effects of the drug occur in the early pregnancy, during the period of the later pregnancy, the babies’ various organs are also in the process of development.Organization is malformed, so expectant mothers should pay special attention to medication, and this kind of attention continues until the end of breastfeeding.

Basic principles of medication for breastfeeding

1. Almost all drugs can appear in breast milk. Even if only a few drugs are harmful to the baby, Baoma should reduce the use of medicines;

2. Before alleviating symptoms, you should consider the potential harm of drugs to your baby, and use the medicine carefully after weighing the pros and cons;

3. Factors that affect the transport of drugs to milk are the blood concentration of the mother, the molecular weight of the drug, the fat -soluble and protein concentration rate of the drug, the oral biological utilization, the dissipation and milk of the drug, and the milk.

4. During the breastfeeding period, the opportunity of drugs should be reduced to reduce the concentration of drugs in the milk. For example, local drugs can be used instead of the whole body;

5. Oral absorption of poor dynamics and prone to stomach acid damage to a few drugs that are susceptible to metabolism by the liver are not easy to enter the baby’s body circulation;

6. Only non -ionic drugs can transfer through the biofilm.

Many mothers are worried that Western medicine will affect the baby. They believe that traditional Chinese medicine is not chemical, and it is safe to pregnant women and fetuses. Instead, they can take Chinese medicine.Some traditional Chinese medicines or Chinese medicines also have the same teratogenic or abortion to the fetus, so they cannot take Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine at will.

"Chinese Medicine Magazine" has a research on the toxicity of cinnabar embryo. Experimental observes the impact of cinnabar administration on mice embryo in mice before the mouse pregnancy, the middle and late pregnancy, and the whole pregnancy.It has no significant effect on embryonic development. At this time, the embryo is low in sensitivity to cinnabar; before pregnancy and early pregnancy, the cinnabar that is equivalent to 5 times the clinical dose causes mouse skeletal malformations, and increases with the increase in dose.This shows that cinnabar may cause harm to the fetus, so Chinese medicine must not be used randomly.

"China Pharmacopoeia" (2015 edition) is disabled in pregnancy and Chinese medicine collected

Ding Gongjo, tri -edge, dried paint, earthworm, large saponin, Qianjinzi, Qianjinzi, Sichuanwu, Horse Qianzi, Matsuko, Tianshan Snow Lotus, Tianxian vine, Basou, BasouFrost, Pyrano, Gan Sui, cinnabar, all -scorpion, red euritism, red powder, 芫, two tips, Awewei, Beijing Euphorbia, sheep, grass, glory, light powder, Yang Jinhua, Curcuma, Curcuma, Curcuma, CurcumaPig soap, Shanglu, spotted, majestic, black grass, crickets, poppy shells, musk.

Many mothers may have various diseases after pregnancy, such as cold, anemia, pregnancy hypertension syndrome, etc. Some pregnant women have some chronic diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, asthma, diabetes, etc. These require drugs for drugs.treat.How should I choose when using drugs?

In October, based on their own clinical experience, I read various medicine -related books, and helped everyone summarize a summary of clinical treatment of clinical treatment of common pregnancy and lactation complications.

Note: In the case of special diseases, doctors will choose the dose of drugs and drugs for treatment according to the situation.

In summary, there are no absolute safety drugs during pregnancy. During pregnancy, taking medicine must be cautious. Pregnant women should try to avoid unnecessary medication. However, if the profit profit is greater than the disadvantages, try to use high safety drugs.Do not use the medicine yourself. You must use the drugs reasonably under the guidance of the doctor to avoid harm to pregnant women and fetuses due to unreasonable medication. I hope that every family will have their own healthy and lovely babies!

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