Will the "in vitro ejaculation" often hurt?Boys must understand as soon as possible


Hello everyone, welcome to Dr. Shuyan’s popular science. Next, the science popularization issues are about male health.

In the usual life, many young people have a lot of pressure on their lives. At this time, many people will choose sexual life to relax; for people, sexual life is a basic physiological activity.Human health is good.

For most young people now, they do not want to be pregnant prematurely, so people will take a series of contraceptive measures during sexual life; however, many boys do not like to wear condoms. At this time, they will chooseIn vitro ejaculation, will the in vitro ejaculation hurt men’s health?

Whether the ejaculation of the body often causes damage to the body has always been a highly concerned topic. Many people believe that frequent external ejaculation may have a negative impact on the body, but in fact, this practice does not cause direct damage to physical health to direct harm to physical health.Essence

First of all, in vitro ejaculation does not cause any health problems, because it is just a way of sexual behavior. In fact, in vitro radon can even be used as contraceptive measures to help people avoid unnecessary pregnancy!

Of course, if other contraceptive measures are used in sexual behavior, such as condoms or oral contraceptives, then in vitro ejaculation is not necessary.

Secondly, ejaculation often does not cause any long -term health problems to the body.

Some people may worry that frequent sexual behaviors will lead to a decrease in the number of sperm or decline in quality, but this kind of concern has no scientific basis; in fact, the human body will produce a large number of sperm every day.Quality has a significant impact.

However, although ejaculation often does not hurt the body, you still need to pay attention to some related issues!For example, if you use condoms or oral contraceptives in sexual behavior, you do not need to use external ejaculation as contraceptive measures.

In addition, you need to ensure the use of the right posture in sexual behavior to avoid any potential damage or discomfort.

In summary, often external ejaculation does not cause direct damage to the body; however, in any sexual behavior, you need to pay attention to safety and correct postures to ensure your health.

1. I feel that the condom is inconvenient

In normal times, many men think that the use of condoms will affect the quality of sex, and almost all contraceptive measures are suitable for women!Or, because of the passion and impulse, some men use unsafe contraceptive methods such as in vitro ejaculation, and eventually use contraceptives.

2. Allergies

The bad experience brought by a condom will also give some men to resist the psychology of resisting condoms!

After all, condoms are rubber products, especially now various condoms have various ingredient lubricants. These chemicals are in contact with human skin, which will cause some people to have symptoms of skin allergies. This is why some boys do not like to wear condoms.one.

3. The stereotype of condoms

Some people refuse to use condoms for no reason. Such people are mainly middle -aged and elderly people. Generally speaking, middle -aged and elderly men lack a sense of safety prevention and lack of sanitation. Therefore, they are unwilling to use condoms during sexual life.

For middle -aged and elderly people, most of them do not understand the risk of sexual intercourse infection. When I heard that others do not need, they do n’t bring them. They do n’t consider women ’s feelings, and they do n’t consider women’s requirements!This is a selfish behavior!

Entry ejaculation is a method of contraception, but you cannot completely avoid pregnancy, but the chance of pregnancy is relatively low.

For women of childbearing age, if they live for more than two years, they can adopt the rhythm contraceptive method. During the rhythmic period, men can adopt contraception to in vitro.

However, it is necessary to use condoms to contraception during the danger period!Generally speaking, the chance of pregnancy after wearing a condom will also decrease; because there may be slidous sperm during sex, as long as the healthy sperm enters the vagina and meets the eggs, it will lead to the situation of pregnancy!

Therefore, it is recommended that boys, if you really want to achieve the purpose of contraception, it is best to use a condom, do not cause unnecessary accidents for a moment of fun.

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