Will the aunt disappear?

Today, let’s talk about an eternal topic, girl’s "Aunt".

I remember that I have seen a related topic on the Internet before, that is, since the evolution of human beings, it has changed from four -wheel drive to now walking, and the hair has become only a few parts.But why did the aunt have not evolved and came once a month. This is simply a big bug of human evolution.

Yes, when it comes to "Auntie", you have to die every month (of course, the pain varies from person to person), and there are countless ca n’t.Do not exercise vigorously, do not eat cold and spicy food.

Today, I want to talk about my "Auntie". I am envious for my classmates who come to my aunt every month, because I have a "polycyst". This was diagnosed in the second half of 17th.It ’s been 5 years. At that time, the company was expanding and increasing production. My job was statistical documents, archives, etc. Due to the increase in business volume, the newcomers have not been added.The order was reluctant to complete the work. This time lasted for about 4/5 months. When I turned around, I found that my aunt didn’t come for a long time. At first, I thought it was pregnant.It turned out to be a "polycystic ovary syndrome". The doctor said that he needs to eat "Da Ying" to maintain normal menstruation, one course for three months.

After listening to the doctor’s doctor’s order, I obediently took medicine and started breast hyperplasia during the medicine. I stopped the medicine. I also searched this medicine on the Internet. In fact, I also had side effects.Treatment, the journey of taking medicine lasted for a year, and the results were unsatisfactory.It will only come once for a long time. Until now I have gradually let go, I do n’t take medicine, everything is natural.

So for me, a big aunt is really like the New Year, but I am happy.

At present, many people have this kind of disease, and I often see relevant reports on the Internet, so I am thinking about whether this is a way for human development and evolution. Maybe how many years later, human beings have completely no aunt.Upgrade, of course, this does not affect pregnancy. After all, there must be the next generation [呲 升] [呲 升] [呲 升].

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