Will the fetus hurt and boring in the stomach?The four "cold knowledge" of pregnancy, how much do you know

Probably all women can understand that pregnancy is a very tired and painful thing for women.There are a lot of things that need to be affected during pregnancy. There are pregnancy torture. You ca n’t eat it. It is sensitive to the odor and emotional fluctuations.Will the fetus also have these physical and emotional changes in the body?I believe many pregnant mothers have had this question.

Pan Yue, who lives in Beijing, is 29 years old and married her husband last year. It is not too early to get married at this age, so she decided to have children first.

After pregnancy, Pan Yue always checked all kinds of knowledge about babies on the Internet. When he learned that the fetus could hear the sound about five months, Pan Yue paid great attention. He usually rarely removes a lot of noise.And often put some soft music for the baby, pulling her husband to chat with the baby in the belly, and her husband said that she was magical.

When the fetus was about six months old, Pan Yue felt that her husband’s snoring at night would affect the baby’s sleep, so he proposed to sleep with the old centimeter bed.Pan Yue, who was worried that her mother -in -law was getting bigger and bigger in the month, she was not safe to sleep alone, but she took her husband to other rooms decisively.

Knowing that Pan Yue was afraid of disturbing the children in the stomach, her mother -in -law also laughed at Pan Yue, saying that she was a bit of a soldier, and said that the child would not hear it in the belly, but Pan Yue felt that this was very serious.After all, the child in the belly is the most important, and it is impossible to make mistakes.

In fact, the child’s hearing is indeed increasingly mature at five or six months. He can hear the voices of the outside world. It is very good to hear him more music, but it is not necessary to be too fuss.There are many "cold" knowledge about fetal fetuses during pregnancy, and probably many people know very little. Let’s take a look at the baby’s belly in the mother’s belly!

There are many restrictions on pregnant mothers in daily life, and they will feel very boring, and will the fetus boring in the small space in the stomach?In fact, the fetus spent most of the time in the stomach, but his sleep was divided into about 70 % of active sleep and about 20 % of quiet sleep, and the rest of the time was a sober time.So boring is not bored, because I fell asleep again before I feel bored.

The fetus lives in the pregnant mother, and the uterus is dark. Does the fetus only adapt to this environment. Can’t they perceive the light?In fact, there are already experiments to prove that when the fetus is four months, it can perceive the light from the outside world.

Will the baby baby feel pain in the mother’s belly?A team of experts in the United States stated that the fetus began to have pain when it was 30 weeks.However, the fetus is usually surrounded by amniotic fluid in the mother’s uterus. It is swimming in the mother amniotic fluid like a small fish. The amniotic fluid has a buffering and protection effect on the external collision, so the baby will not feel in the mother’s belly.It hurts.

During the long ten -month pregnancy, the baby has always lived in the uterus. Is there anything to play in that small area?Of course!Everyone knows that there is a umbilical cord between the baby and the mother that transmits nutrition through it. At the same time, this umbilical cord is also a baby’s toy.When he woke up, he would play the umbilical cord, around it, and he was happy to play. When he was tired, he closed his eyes and slept. It was very pleasant to think about the life of the baby’s baby!

It can be seen that the baby’s baby is actually very safe and happy in the mother’s belly.Pregnant mothers should also pay more attention during pregnancy to prevent some behaviors of themselves affect the baby baby.

The important point is that although the mothers of pregnant mothers have changed impermanence during pregnancy, they must pay attention to adjusting themselves.So it is important to maintain a happy mood.

Do n’t always lie on the bed during pregnancy. Do n’t always exercise proper exercise. Keep it in a reasonable range. It can make the pregnant mother feel very comfortable. At the same time, the fetus can feel the mother ’s movement, and they will follow them together.

At the same time, pay attention to nutritional supplements during pregnancy, because the nutrition absorption of the fetus all comes from the mother’s body, and the intake of all aspects of the pregnant mother can make the fetus develop better and healthier.

Bringing life is a very sacred process. Cherish the time of mother and child conjoined. Mom and children are induced to each other and affect each other. Although the pressure on the pregnant mother during the period is very high, but feel the little life in the body from the embryo.When he grows up, he grows up every day and feel his clear fetal movement until he is healthy. For his mother, this is unparalleled happiness.

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