Will the menstrual period be postponed?After the new crown, many women have these symptoms!

The literary side is cute: "Do you have such symptoms? I am annoyed that the aunt is postponed, and the aunt is annoyed when I came when I came.

Quiet little fish: "Aunt Yang Kang has been postponed for almost a month, and there is no pregnancy, but I just don’t come …"

Gao Leng dew Pearl AQ: "After my Yangkang delayed, I thought I was pregnant, and I had frequent urination and urgency, I couldn’t hold my urine …"

Although the first wave of new crowns has passed for a long time, a small number of people have been infected because of the Spring Festival visiting relatives.

Many people complained that after the new crown was infected, the menstrual period was abnormal.Some people’s aunts are delayed, some are early, and some people "big aunt" rely on, and some are more outrageous.There are also symptoms of vaginal bleeding.Do you also have the trouble of disorders after menstruation infection?

So, will there really be sequelae of "menstrual disorders" after the new crown?The cute netizens of the literary side also sent out such emotions: "Actually, think about it carefully, many people have been closed and caused by chaotic daily life."Disorders made different explanations.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main condition that prompts the menstrual period is that the female body is full of qi and blood, and the blood is sufficient. The bet is admitted to the second pulse and the cell palace, and the menstruation will naturally come.To "struggle", more or less can cause qi and blood consumption in women, cause insufficient qi and blood, and menstruation will cause disorder, which will cause symptoms such as delay, extension, and even leakage.

Modern medicine believes that women’s menstrual period is mainly controlled by the "hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian" gland axis. After infection with the new crown, it will not directly affect the secretion of related hormones.After the new crown is infected, it is affected by various factors.

For example, after some people are infected with the new crown, they have a strong cough, sleep all night, and lose their appetite. Not only will it cause psychological burden, but emotion will also be affected, which will cause menstrual disorders.

Think about it carefully, before you have a series of menstrual disorders, such as aunt delay and reduced blood due to stress or sleepy or not sleep well?

So the menstrual disorders occur after the new crown, do you need to go to the clinic?

First, look at the period of menstruation.The menstrual cycle generally is 28 days ± 7 days. This must be different according to individuals. If the menstrual period is 28 days, the menstrual cycle after the new crown infection is greater than 35 days.

Second, look at the time of menstruation.The normal menstrual duration is 3-7 days. If you have about 5 days each time, the duration of the infection is less than 2 days, or it can be regarded as an abnormal period of menstruation. First observe whether the next menstruation is the next menstruation.Normally, if the menstrual period is still in a state of disorder, you need to seek medical treatment in time.

Finally, look at the amount of menstruation.The normal menstrual flow is 5-80ml, and 5ml is the amount of a mineral water bottle cap. This also needs to be different according to individuals. If the menstrual period is less than half or significantly increased by itself, it can also be regarded as a disorder of menstruation.Continue observation.

After the new crown infection, female friends need to pay attention to: (1) the head, lower abdomen, and feet should be kept warm;Soak your feet; (4) Keep your mood comfortable and avoid bad emotions such as depression, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability; (5) If possible, you can eat porridge with yam, you can also eat the liver, kidney, yin, and yang.Supplements of relieving liver and qi, promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation.

Edit: Zhengxintang Health Popular Science Group

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