Will the new championship be killed eight times?rumor!Repeat the symptoms of infection but become lighter

The new crown virus came back to a carbine.With the increase of the number of "Eryang", some people are beginning to worry that multiple infections will cause the virus to accumulate in the body, causing symptoms to superimposed. There are even rumors that people can infected up to eight times, and they are dead.The latest scientific rumor list was released, and the above statement was rumored.In addition, more health rumors have been "concentrated" this time.

The monthly "Science" rumors are guided by the Beijing Science and Technology Association, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee’s Internet Information Office, the Capital Internet Association, and the Beijing Science and Technology Reporter Editor Association and the Beijing area website joint rumor platform.

Rumoring blood check will reduce human immunity

Truth network passing blood will take away white blood cells with immune function, and also remove material electrolytes, vitamins, etc., important material, and vitamins that are important.Even mistakenly believes that the heavier a person is sick, the more blood testing, which makes many people keep bed and even die in advance.

In fact, blood drawing will not hurt the body.Generally, the blood volume of blood test will not exceed 20 ml, while the human body has an average of 4,000 ml of blood, and has the function of automatic regeneration. Pumping a small amount of blood will not affect human health.

Although the main cells that constitute the body’s immunity are white blood cells, the proportion of red blood cells in the blood is large, and there are fewer white blood cells.Generally, 200-400 ml of blood donation will lose 1%to 2%of the total number of white blood cells in the human body, and within 1 to 2 hours after blood drawing, the lost white blood cells will restore the original number.Therefore, after blood drawing, it will not lose a lot of white blood cells, nor will it cause immunity to decrease.

Rumors that asthma patients will "asthma"

Isn’t the truth without asthma?For asthma, many people still stay in movies and TV series in the performance of "shortness of breath, breathing difficulties".In fact, these are just a typical manifestation of the acute attack of asthma.When patients encounter cold air and dry air, it is prone to asthma attacks.Typical asthma symptoms are repeated breathing, accompanied by breath, chest tightness or cough.

However, there are many unprecedented asthma clinically.Cough mutant asthma, cough is its only or main clinical manifestation; chest tightness and mutant asthma, with chest tightness as the unique or main symptoms; concealment of asthma, no typical symptoms of recurrence of asthma, breath, chest tightness or cough, but there is a long -term airway in the airway for a long timeIncreased response.

Drink lemonade chairman stones

There are many causes of truth stones. Hereditary, metabolism, anatomical structure and diet are the main factor. Among them, the diet is the most concerned.From the perspective of ingredients, the stones in the body are mainly calcium oxalate. A large amount of oxalic acid in the diet has exacerbated the production of stones to a certain extent.Contains lemon.

Unlike oxalic acid, which is different from calcium, the citric acid is combined with calcium, which is rich in citric acid in the lemon, which can be slightly soluble in water.At the same time, the slightly acidic characteristics of citric acid in the intestine can also promote the absorption of various mineral elements such as calcium, iron, and zinc, which is good for health.

Rumors "inverted water control method" can save drowning

There is a "classic" rescue person on the Internet -the rescuer raised his feet to shake his feet upside down, or running back with a drowning person, trying to "control" the water in the drowning person’s body, and then performCPR.

However, this way of being considered a higher success rate of rescue is not desirable.

To rescue drowning, remember "don’t do one or four.""Do not do" means that the drowning person will not control the water after rescue the ashore.The methods of running around the drowning on the Internet are absolutely wrong. It is impossible to excrete the water from the body. It may also allow the food in the stomach of the drowning person to flow back and aggravate breathing difficulties.The inverted water control does not supplement the oxygen in the blood of the drowning person. Most of the controlled water is also water in the esophagus and stomach dirt.For those who have stopped breathing breathing, they can save patients early.

"Four do" is the four correct steps for handling drowning people: First, immediately rescue the drowning person away from the water and quickly determine whether to breathe and heartbeat.Second, call 120 emergency calls and get AED nearby.Third, those who have stopped breathing and heartbeat immediately, the cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed immediately, and the order of the resuscitation operation of ABC (open airway -blowing qi -pressing) should still be followed.If there is no breathing and a heartbeat, only blows the air (12-16 times per minute), and there is no need to do the heart of the outside of the chest.Fourth, if there is trauma, deal with it in time, especially the head and neck damage.

Rumors infected at most 8 new crowns

With the repetition of the new crown epidemic, the saying that "no matter how healthy a person is, it can only be infected with the new crown 8 times, the ninth person is gone".The real situation is that the possibility of a person repeatedly infected with the new crown does exist repeatedly.However, for people who do not have basic diseases, there is no scientific statement of "at most only 8 times", and the general symptoms are generally mild after infection.

The current observation research shows that the symptoms of new crowns will become lighter and lighter.After the first infection, the body generates the immunity to the pathogen. Even if it is pushed over time, the specific immune level of the pathogen of the disease is gradually decreased. After the infection, the body can quickly increase the immune level through the memory reaction, and the level of immunity can be quickly strengthened and killed.The pathogen in the body.Therefore, the symptoms after repeated infection will not become heavier.

In addition, in the process of spreading the pathogen, the pathogen is usually mutated towards the direction of gradually weakening the pathogenicity and gradually enhanced the ability of infection.

If you are really worried about the problem of repeated infection, the elderly over 60 years old and those with basic diseases can perform vaccines and enhanced needles.Go to a densely personnel place, especially the hospital, try to wear a mask all the way, and wash your hands and disinfect in time after returning home.

Rumors can require uterine to solve dysmenorrhea

Recently, patients with adenomia disease in the Internet can solve the problem of dysmenorrhea and anemia by doing uterine resection surgery.However, the treatment of uterine adenomia disease depends on the severity of the symptoms, age, and whether there are fertility.

Generally speaking, doctors will first use drugs to relieve. If the drug cannot be relieved and there is the requirements of fertility, the doctor will remove the lesion.Only when the symptoms are particularly severe and have no fertility requirements, the drug treatment is invalid, and the uterine is thorough.

Data show that 35%of patients with adenocular disease have no symptoms, but 40%-50%are excessive bleeding in the menstrual cycle, and 15%-30%will show dysmenorrhea.The treatment of uterine adenomia depends on the severity of the symptoms, age, and whether there are fertility.

There are four basic requirements for medical ethics: first, the interests of patients are supreme; second, respect the patient’s independent choice; third, no harm; fourth, the fairness and justice of medical resources.The third point "does not harm" means that if the patient’s uterus is not removed, the doctor will never remove the patient.If the doctor is not referred to, the doctor will violate the medical ethics principles and also violate the provisions of the doctor’s law, and will be severely punished by administrative penalties.

Whether rumors are obesity depends on weight

The truth is not obese as long as the weight is not exceeded?No, obesity or not requires consideration of multiple "technical parameters"!

To measure whether a person is obese, the common standard for people is the "physical quality index" (BMI).It is obtained by a person’s weight (KG) and divided by height (m).If this value is between 18.5 and 23.9, it is normal weight, and it is obesity.

In addition, whether obesity depends on the weight of the body, it depends on the body fat rate.The ratio between the total fat amount and weight of the body is called "body fat rate". Generally, the healthy young men’s body fat rate is not more than 20%, and women do not exceed 30%.If this value exceeds this value, even if the weight standard is standard, it will exceed the body fat.

On the basis of weight and body fat rate, there is also a very important value "waist -hip ratio", that is, the ratio between the waist and hip circumference.If men’s waist and hip ratio is greater than 0.85 and women are greater than 0.8, even if the weight is normal, it may belong to the abdominal fat accumulation, and even reach "abdominal obesity". The potential harm of this obesity will bring greater the potential harm.

Rumors Sleeping hard board bed can cure lumbar spondylosis

The truth is that "people who are troubled by lumbar spine disease are best to choose a hard board bed to sleep, which can cure the disease."In fact, the hard -board bed is compared to the soft mattress used by Europeans and Americans. The hard board bed does not refer to the hard bed, nor is it a light board bed.

Expert Introduction: The physiological structure of the human body has four physiological bending, namely the neck, chest, lumbar and 骶 骶.If the mattress is too soft, it cannot provide proper spine support; and the mattress is too hard, it will over -depend on the shoulder and hip support, which will also cause spine distortion; medium soft bed (hard board bed) can better adapt to the human curve, spine spine, spine spineThe smallest twist.

So, how to grasp the hardness of the mattress on the bedboard?Remember the "3: 1 Principles", that is, the mattress cannot be hardened and does not deform, nor can it deform too much.3 cm thick mattresses, 1 cm sinking at hand, 3 cm of mattresses with a thickness of 10 cm thick.

Then, lying flat on the mattress, stretched out his hand to touch the three obvious beams of the neck, waist, and hips to the thighs to see if there was a gap.Turn your body to one side, and try to use the same way to try whether there is a gap between the body curve depression and the mattress.If your hands can be easily interspersed in the gap, it means that the bed is too hard; if the palm is close to the gap, it proves that the mattress fit the human curve.

In addition, when choosing a mattress, in addition to reference hardness and fit, you also need to refer to three factors: gender, weight, age.Women are suitable for elastic mattresses, while men are relatively hard; thin and thin are suitable for slightly soft mattresses, obese people should sleep a little mattress; infants and young children should choose medium -sized mattresses, children and adolescents, while children and adolescents are while children and adolescents.It is not advisable to sleep with a soft mattress to avoid affecting growth and development; the elderly’s ligament is relaxed, especially patients with osteoporosis. It is recommended to choose a slightly hard mattress.

Of course, it is not very simple to relieve low back pain. Don’t imagine to change a bed or change a mattress to completely solve it.Daily maintenance and rehabilitation exercise, avoiding overly use lumbar spine, and active response when problems occur are all important links to relieve low back pain.

Text/Reporter Li Jie

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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