Will the nurse provide additional help when donating ejaculation?Men’s real sharing: there is no pornographic room for the sperm room

I don’t know when it started, the quality of men in the world seems to have a problem. The first domestic sperm bank CITIC Xiangya Human Sperm Studio of Human Library in China has a sample study involving 30,636 sperm donors.The proportion dropped from 55.78%in 2001 to 17.80%in 2015.

At the same time, a study from a study from the University of Hebrew University in Israel showed that in just 45 years from 1973-2018, the average number of men in the world has decreased by more than 60 %.

Facing the decline in sperm quality, if you are, will you choose to donate sperm?

Little Buddha is a volunteer of sperm donation in Guangzhou. After hearing the news of the quality of sperm donation, he suddenly wanted to know how his sperm quality was, so he had a experience -based mentality to donate sperm.The following is his self -report:

01. The subsidy is second, the point is that you can check for free physical examination

The place where the sperm bank is located is very deserted. After reaching the department, a doctor received me and told me a detailed sperm donation process.There is also a flowchart on the wall of the reception room, which wrote in detail the subsidies for donations.Regardless of whether the sperm is qualified, during the screening and formal sperm donation stage, there will be a subsidy of 50-200 yuan each time.After the final review of the final review, sperm can be obtained from 2,500 ~ 5,000 yuan after the sperm was hired.

Compared with subsidies, I think it is more attractive to me. I can get free medical examinations. Before donating sperm, I was drawn 5 blood. The doctor said that it was to screen hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV testing.After the test results came out, the staff gave me a small plastic can and two wet towels. Next, I went to take the fine room to solve it myself. There was no nursing nurse to help the spicy eye.

There is a TV in the sperm room to play "small movies", and there is a poster on the wall. In addition, there is a bed, a sink, a trash can, and a bottle of handwashing. There is no imaginary erotic.After the essence was completed, I got a subsidy of 50 yuan, and the whole process was very easy.

02. For the second time, come here and even bring your own video material

After 10 days, the hospital called to tell me that becoming a qualified sperm donor can prepare to donate sperm, and pay attention to strict abstinence for 3-5 days before donating sperm.When I went to the hospital for the second time, I was very familiar with the door, and I even prepared my own materials. After entering the sperm donation room, I soon solved it.After the donation was completed, I also successfully got my subsidy.

Based on the principle of eugenics and eugenics, many families will be biased about the height, education, appearance, etc. of the sperm donation volunteers when using the sperm of human sperm bank. ThereforeLimited, donating sperm is not what you can donate.

According to the relevant national regulations, the specific requirements of the volunteers of sperm donation are: ages at 20 to 40 years old, net height> 170cm, weight index <30, five facial features, no disability/other physiological defects, no obvious hair loss, good living habits, have good living habits, History of no infectious disease/history of genetics/sexual communication, myopia <600 degrees, colorless blindness/hypertension/heart disease, good living habits, etc.In addition, the requirements of sperm donation volunteers in different places will be different.

Eligible sperm donors, the specific sperm donation process is divided into three steps: screening period: sperm donors need to perform semen first, after the initial screening, blood routine and infectious disease screening should be performed.examine.Qualification period: After all the above -mentioned screening items are qualified, start donation. The entire process needs to donate 3 to 10 times. The whole process takes about 2 months and once a week.HIV quarantine period: The window period for HIV infection is generally within half a year. After half a year of donating sperm donors, the donors need to perform HIV testing again. As a result, it can be explained that the sperm donation half a year ago was safe.If you do not go for inspection, the donation of essences half a year ago is invalid.

The sperm donated by volunteers is mainly provided to the human sperm library. There are two main uses. One is to provide a reproductive medical center for artificial insemination and IVF babies; the other is for medical research.In addition, you may also want to know the following knowledge about donating sperm.After donating sperm, will it cause the future generations to get married?

Zhang Xinzong, director of the human sperm library of Guangdong Province, stated that my country has strictly controlling the number of sperm donors for the number of spermators, and a sperm donor can make up to 5 women to get pregnant.In the United States, 25 women can be pregnant, and other countries in Europe and the United States are generally standards for 10 women.my country’s own population is large. The sperm donated will be used all over the country. The children of childbirth will also spread all over the world. The probability of getting married in close relatives is almost 0.

Will donations affect your health?

As the saying goes, a drop of ten drops of semen, many men are worried that they will affect their health after donating sperm donation?Dr. Li Tao, a human sperm library of Fudan University, said that men with normal and mature men will be lined up 1 to 3 times a week, 2 ~ 6ml each time. This is very normal and does not affect health.Can you get rich by donating good?

Tang Lixin, chief physician of the human sperm bank of Guangdong Province, pointed out that there is a limit of donation. As long as the number of donations reaches 15ml, you cannot continue to donate sperm, so it is impossible to donate sperm to get rich.

Many pregnancy couples have heard of such a statement. For a month of abstinence, sperm in semen will increase, the higher the sperm quality, and women are more likely to conceive.Will the long abstinence of men really make the sperm quality better?

After the testis is generated, the male sperm will enter the epididymis. If it is not excreted for a long time, it will continue to be damaged by the semen oxygen free radicals and phagocytic cells, causing sperm aging and loss of vitality.

With the changes in the number of sperm, the aging sperm in the epididymis and the mature sperm will form a dynamic balance to maintain the reserve of the sperm in the epididymis.If there is no sexual life for a long time, the number of aging sperm in sperm reserves will increase, but it will reduce the number of sperm.

How long will the male abstinence be better?Before answering this question, first look at a research result and speak with data.

Some researchers collected 8686 samples of semen, and were divided into 4 groups according to abstinence time: group A (﹤ 2 days), group B (3-5 days), group C (6-7 days), group D (﹥ 7 days)), The semen samples of the four groups of semen samples, sperm concentration, sperm quantity, and total number of front movement sperm sperm.Finally, it was found that the sperm vitality of group C (6-7 days) in the four groups was the highest. As the abstinence time became longer, the sperm quality would be significantly reduced.

The results of the experiment and the 6th edition of the "World Health Organization Human Semen Inspection and Treatment Laboratory Handbook" stipulated that men need to abstain from semen testing for 2-7 days before the semen testing.

Having said that, everyone should know the answer.

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