Will the ovulation period not be counted?After the menstrual period, the first day of the same room is easy to get pregnant?The doctor made it clear at a time

As the country opens a second child policy, many husbands and wives are eager to try, ready to regenerate a healthy and cute baby!

For newlywed couples, the young couple gradually moved from a sweet life to dull. The advent of a new life can sublimate the relationship between the two again. At the same timeLooking forward!

To get pregnant and have a healthy baby, first of all, two necessary conditions are needed. The first is that the husband has healthy sperm and his wife provides healthy eggs.The second is the healthy uterus of women.When healthy sperm and eggs are combined and combined, fertilized eggs will be formed. With the tubal swimming, they eventually start to bed in the uterus, so these two conditions are indispensable!

If you still have a impression of creatures you have learned, you should know that men’s testicles generate sperm every day, and in the semen excreted by men, there can be as many as hundreds of millions of sperm content.However, women are different. After each physiological cycle of women changes and after entering the ovulation period, the ovaries will only excrete 1-2 eggs, and the eggs will survive in the body for about 2 to 5 days;

Therefore, if you want to get pregnant smoothly, you must first find a woman’s ovulation and ovulation day!

The so -called female ovulation period refers to the time period before and after the eggs discharge.The ovulation period includes the day of ovulation and the first five and the first four days of ovulation day.This time is also clinically called a susceptible or dangerous period.As mentioned above, the eggs will survive for a period of time after the eggs are discharged, so for couples with a fertility plan, the ovulation period is the most likely to conceive.

If the husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy and fertility, you can choose to have a regular life during ovulation.The calculation period of ovulation can be used in the following methods:

1. Menstrual calculation: The period of ovulation through women’s physiological period is commonly used clinically and the easiest way to operate daily.However, this method is only suitable for women with stable physiological periods.Under normal circumstances, the female ovulation day is basically about 14 days before the next menstrual period, and the first 5 and the next 4 days of the ovulation period. On the day of the ovulation day, it is called the ovulation day.For example, women’s next menstrual tide is 28, then calculated with 28-14 = 14.In other words, the female ovulation date is No. 14, and the 9-18 is the entire ovulation period;

2. Formula calculation: If the menstrual cycle of women has always been unstable, errors may occur during menstrual calculation.In this case, everyone can calculate the formula of the ovulation period, that is, the first day of the ovulation period = the minimum menstrual cycle days-18 days, the last day of the ovulation period = the maximum menstrual cycle-11 days.For example, the shortest menstrual cycle is 38 days and the longest is 37 days, then you need to subtract 18 (28-18 = 10) with the shortest rules, and the longest laws minus 11 (37-11 = 26).Therefore, on the 10th-26 days after menstruation, it belongs to the ovulation period;

3. Test paper test: If your menstrual cycle is not stable enough and does not learn the formula calculation method, then ovulation test strip is the simplest and direct test method.This predicts whether the body is ovulation by detecting the peak level of the luteal production hormone.The principle of ovulation test strip is mainly from the luteal production hormone in women’s urine. When the ovulation day is about to come, especially within 28-48 hours, the luteal genericin will reach its peak.Use ovulation test strips to self -test, and the results will be displayed as positive!

In addition to the above three detection methods, women can also speculate the ovulation period by observing physical changes (rising body temperature, changes in white belt texture), and B -ultrasound monitoring.It is necessary to remind everyone that couples do not need to maintain sexual life every day when the ovulation period is coming. Clinically, the ovulation period maintains sex for 2 days, and the chance of pregnancy will be higher.

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