Will the same room hurt the fetus during pregnancy?

The arrival of the baby will always make the family feel excited and excited. During the nervous pregnancy, sometimes the couples can not hold back the excitement and want to perform a "driving" behavior …

However, some behaviors of the same room are conducive to the physical development of the fetus and pregnant women, and some of the same -room behavior is not conducive to the health of the fetus and pregnant women. This requires specific problems and specific analysis.

Many people suggest that pregnant mothers should be as reduced or avoiding the same room as much as possible in the early stages of pregnancy.Because the fetus in the early pregnancy is not stable, it is the most prone to abortion, especially pregnant women with high abortion risks.

Below, let’s take a look at whether the fetus will hurt the fetus during the pregnancy.

Some pregnant women are worried that sexual life will have adverse effects on the fetus, and it is not necessary.Can I have the same room during pregnancy? For this problem, according to modern scientific views, sexual life can be lived during pregnancy.But pay attention to the hygiene and posture of sexual life.In fact, for young couples, it is unlikely that sexual life is completely prohibited.Besides, the husband and wife have a good relationship, a happy mood, and is also beneficial to the fetus.Just pay attention to proper attention according to the situation during pregnancy.

1. In the early pregnancy, sex life should be prohibited

From the beginning of pregnancy to 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta is in the stage of development, especially the connection between the placenta and the mother’s palace wall is not close. Sexual life will shake the uterus and easily cause miscarriage.Sexual life will cause pelvic congestion in pregnant women, shrink the uterus, and cause miscarriage.According to clinical statistics, the abortion rate of husband and wife with sexual life within 3 months of pregnancy is about 30%.Therefore, sexual life is prohibited as much as possible within 3 months of pregnancy.

2. In the middle of pregnancy, reduce sexual life

Pregnant women are more stable for 4-6 months of pregnancy. The embryo has formed. The fetus should grow and grow in the uterine cavity. The uterus generally rises to the abdominal cavity.Due to the impact of hormones, some women’s sexual desires will increase, and sexual requirements may be more than in the early stages of pregnancy. Husbands and wives can have a harmonious sexual life.At this stage, you can sex once a week, but you should not be too long at each time. At this time, you should pay attention to sexual hygiene and sexual intercourse. Choose a female upper or side position to reduce abdominal pressure. Sexual activity should avoid rough and strenuous movements.

3. In the third trimester, it is absolutely prohibited from sexual life

During the late pregnancy (the last 1-2 months of pregnancy), the abdomen of the pregnant woman gradually bulged, the sexual desire was decreased, and the uterine mouth was easy to open, which could easily lead to infection and premature amniotic fluid. Especially during the September to October of pregnancy, sexual intercourse caused premature birth.Extremely high, sexual life should be prohibited for the sake of safety.

Generally speaking, harmonious sex is safe throughout pregnancy.In fact, a healthy sex life has a positive effect, which can not only maintain a good relationship between husband and wife, but also remind you not only a quasi -mother, but also a charming woman.In addition, making sex is also a good physical exercise.

Antiplicular phenomenon

Three months and three months before pregnant women’s pregnancy, these months are the most unstable period for pregnant women.

During this period, it is forbidden for pregnant women and husbands to be in the same room. If you do not listen to persuasion, it will lead to contraction in pregnant women and endanger the health of the fetus.So during this time, the husband and wife cannot have the same room.

Children are prone to premature birth and abortion

The first three months were the period when pregnant women and fetuses were in peace. I was a period of three months when pregnant women were preparing to give birth to the fetus. Six months were the most unstable things for pregnant women and fetuses.

If the same -room behavior occurs between husband and wife, it can easily stimulate the fetus and stimulate the stability inside the uterus.The phenomenon of miscarriage and premature birth of the fetus can even endanger the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Can enhance the relationship between husband and wife

During the safety period, the same room is conducive to improving relationships between husband and wife. During the safety period, pregnant women and fetuses are more stable. This period is in a safe period, and the same room can be performed between husband and wife.

This is also conducive to enhancing the feelings between husband and wife, and will also make the fetus feel the father, which is conducive to the comfortable mood of pregnant women.Therefore, the same room in the same room is still conducive to the development of pregnant women.

Help pregnant women can give birth naturally in the later stage, which is conducive to production

The same room for pregnant women and husbands during the stable period will help pregnant women to give birth naturally, enhance the contraction of the vagina, and help pregnant women can be easier during childbirth, which is conducive to helping pregnant women produce.(The premise is to be within a safe time)

Increase blood supply and oxygen supply, which is conducive to fetal development

In the same room with her husband during pregnancy, the pregnant woman is conducive to increasing the blood supply and oxygen supply of the fetus, the improvement of the intrauterine environment, which is conducive to the development of the fetus’s body. However, this must be controlled.Essence

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