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When it comes to "hymen", many people’s eyes have been covered with a thick layer of veil, which is mysterious and nervous about this layer of membrane.

Those who have watched the costume TV series know that in ancient times, people value this film very much. Whether it is the master who marries her daughter -in -law or entered the palace draft, they can be counted as a clean woman who can be counted without stainless stains.

In the TV series, many women in order to prove that they or virgins will order a "guarding palace sand" on their wrists. If this defending palace sand falls off, it proves that the true body is forced, and she is no longer a pure virgin. This is no longer a pure virgin.If you marry someone, there may be no one.

The wedding night of the husband and wife will put a layer of white gauze on the newcomer’s mattress. After the newcomer has a red dot on the white gauze after the same room, it means that the person he married is a pure body.On the contrary, everyone is confident!

After watching the TV series, everyone seems to be more mysterious about women’s hymen!

1. What hymen?

Female reproductive anatomy

In fact, what we think in medicine should be the "vaginal petals" correctly. This is a semi -open petal on the vaginal port, not a layer of membrane.The hymen is divided into three parts: the base, the film part and the free edge.The base is connected to the vaginal mouth.

Second, the role of hymen

The hymen generally has two effects. On the one hand, some scholars believe that this is a result of human evolution. This is a protection mechanism for minors to reproduce. Because female vaginal development is not mature at a young age, it is not matureWith adulthood, vaginal flaps will lose their protection effect.On the other hand, it is generally believed that this is a symbol of women’s purity, the so -called "virgin complex".

3. Does everyone have a hymen?Will there be exceptions?

The vaginal petals are composed of elastic connective tissue and collagen connective tissue. The physiological conditions of each person are different, resulting in different shapes of vaginal petals.In general, there are three forms:

Vaginal petals of various traits

The first is a variety of semi -open types: common shapes are: ring, jagged, umbrella, crescent, sieve -like, perforated, and so on.

B -ultrasound lower vaginal lock

The second is the lock -up type: that is, the state is completely closed. This is an abnormal phenomenon, because the uterine wall of the uterine wall after the adolescent of women will fall off once a month. At the same time, the ovaries will be excreted from an egg, but the physiological structure is not yet developed and mature. It is still mature.Can’t get pregnant.After locking the vaginal flaps, many problems can be caused, and it is easy to cause inflammation of vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes.The incidence is about 1/1000 to 1/2000. The hymen -locking can merge the risk of developing deformities in other women’s reproductive systems and the risk of other urinary systems, such as vaginal longitudinal intervals, twin uterus, and unilateral kidney.Therefore, in the future, the tide must be checked in time in time.

Use sanitary cotton strips can cause vaginal damage

The lack of vaginal petals: Various reasons lead to poor vagina development, or accidentally suffocated by external forces at a young age, and once used to use cotton strips may lead to lack of vaginal petals.Under normal circumstances, the menstrual period is normal, ovulation is normal, and those without other gynecological diseases need not worry.According to a survey of American gynecologists, it was found that 30%of women’s vaginal petals were very small or missing, which means that as long as everything else is fine, it is normal to have this thing.

Fourth, will the virgin bleed for the first time?

Seriously, not all virgins will bleed for the first time, because some women are inherently lacking vaginal flaps, resulting in no effect in the process of sexual life.For a long time, people will use this universal cognition to deny women’s dignity. I think this is an unfair treatment for women, except for 30%of female vaginal flaw defects.The remaining 70%cannot guarantee that the first time will be as expected, because there are many interference factors that cannot be denied at once.

Fifth, the first correct approach of women is not to bleed, but to pay attention to some safety measures!

1. Take good safety measures

Regardless of any form of sexual behavior, men and women should take safety measures, which is the most basic criterion.On the one hand, it is for contraception, because any safety period is unreliable, and accidentally does not want to get pregnant after pregnancy. It is undoubtedly the greatest harm to women’s bodies.The more people flow, the smaller the chance of pregnancy in the future.On the other hand, taking good safety measures is also conducive to preventing a variety of infectious diseases, such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.

2. Do a good job of personal hygiene

If you do not take safety measures, you must take personal hygiene, especially in the male urethra may remain a large amount of urine dirt, and it is easy to cause female gynecological diseases if you do not do a good job of personal hygiene.

3. Do personal care

70%of women described earlier have complete hymen, so you must do after the process of doing good care in the process. Pay attention to observing the amount of bleeding and inflammation.If there are abnormal conditions, you must seek medical treatment in time.

4. When necessary, men and women can learn to understand some sexual knowledge and understand each other’s physiological structure. It also helps emotional communication without excessive nervousness.

All in all, as long as you are healthy, sometimes you do n’t have to pursue perfection. There is no one person. Do n’t use ignorant eyes to deny others.

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