Will vaginitis be blocked by fallopian tubes and affect children?

When Jinfeng Yulu meets, there are countless people.How did the magical process of conception happened?The ovarian of the small owner of the childcare period usually discharges a lady with an egg every month.The menstrual cycle of normal women is 28 ± 7 days, and the date of ovulation is about the 14th day before the next menstrual period.

If the semen is lined into the vagina on the near ovulation day, the soldier’s strong sperm army enters the uterine cavity, and the uterine cavity enters the fallopian tube.In the "back garden" pot of the fallopian tube, Mr. Sperm and Miss Egg at first sight and combined with each other to complete the fertilized eggs. Then the fertilized eggs were split and moved to the uterine cavity."Camp to Zhazhaizhai", a small life is magically "breaking the soil"!

What is the role of the fallopian tube during the process of passing the seizure?Don’t underestimate this long and curved pipeline of 8 to 14cm in length. The fallopian tube is a place where sperm and eggs are combined with eggs, and the huge appointment of the passage of the fertilized eggs.

What are the main causes of tubal infertility?

History of pelvic infection and pelvic surgery, appendicitis, repeated history of uterine cavity, tuberculosis, and endometriosis.

Fallopian tube damage includes fallopian tube obstruction or fallopian tube fibrosis, which may cause infertility through the following paths that cannot transport the matching and fertilized eggs normally: pelvic anatomy distorted fallopian tube blockage or cilia damage; abnormal peristalsis of fallopian tube; changes in anatomical relationship between fallopian tube ovaries affect picking up pickupOvarian; adhesion around the ovary, affecting ovulation.

Will vaginitis cause fallopian tube blockage and further cause infertility?

Most causes of damage to fallopian tube is that the infection (vaginitis) of the lower germ tract is delayed to the upper reproductive tract, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.The infected microorganisms mainly include oxygen and anaerobic bacteria that are oxygen and vagina.

Common vaginitis includes mold vaginitis (vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease), trichomonas vaginitis, and bacterial vaginal disease.Is there any kind of vaginitis that can directly damage the fallopian tube to cause infertility?

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is characterized by anaerobic bacteria and excessive growth of anaerobic bacteria, which is related to the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease, especially sexually transmitted diseases.And there is a significant correlation between bacterial vaginal disease and infertility.

It can be seen that the prevention of vaginitis can avoid the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease, and it also has a preventive effect on the occurrence of infertility.

How to prevent vaginitis?

1. Pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, keep local drying, reduce friction, change the underwear, pay attention to wearing cotton underwear.

2. Avoid local stimuli: Wash the vulva every day without alkaline or acidic liquid to wash vulva.Under normal circumstances, do not use the washing fluid to wash the vulva, and the vagina is prohibited from rinse the vagina for self -evolation solution.

3. Pay attention to removing the inducement and actively treat diabetes, pubic lice, vaginitis, cervicitis and intestinal parasites.

4. Do not abuse antibiotics and sex hormones.

5. Eliminate the way of communication: advocate shower and try to avoid public baths.Pay attention to the disinfection and isolation of public items such as swimming pools, sauna, hot springs, and hotels in public places, and promote disposable items.

6. Among them, mold vaginitis is to prevent recurrence, and patients with blood sugar should be actively controlled for patients with diabetes. Patients who are prone to mold vaginitis after use antibiotics should avoid local and systemic antibiotics;The patients of inflammation avoid using oral contraceptives and contraceptives.

7. Prevention and avoiding recurrence of trichomoniac vaginitis patients. Patients need to pay attention to fixed partners and apply condoms in sexual intercourse; prohibit trichomonal vaginitis patients enter the swimming pool; promote shower, public toilet changes to squat type; patients’ patients; patients’s patients’sTowels for underwear and washed should be boiled for 5 to 10 minutes to eliminate pathogens.

8. Husband and sexual partner should be treated in time if there are abnormalities to avoid mutual infection.

9. Pay attention to nutrition, strengthen exercise, improve physical fitness, and strengthen training of mental health.

Literature source: 1. The third edition of "China Obstetrics and Gynecology", editor -in -chief Cao Zeyi.

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