Will you be pregnant during ovulation?Wrong, this time is easier to get pregnant

The ovulation period is the largest chance of women’s conception. Generally, about ten days are ovulation, but the ovulation date is only one day.Can I be pregnant in the same room in the same room? It is not necessarily. In fact, the chance of pregnancy in the same time is greater than the ovulation period. Hurry up.

Science shows that 1-2 days before ovulation is the same room.

The result is obvious: the chance of conceiving in the same room 1 day before ovulation is high, as high as 35%, followed by 2 days before ovulation, 30%.But on the day of ovulation, only 25%, not high.After ovulation, the pregnancy rate is low, almost 0%.

In fact, the reason is that the life span of the sperm is longer than the eggs. The eggs will die about 24 hours after the eggs are discharged.Essence

Therefore, if you want to be a good egg, let the sperm brother prepare early and wait for the arrival of Miss Egg.

1. Sexuality improvement

The ovulation period is the time when the husband and wife are preparing to be pregnant.At this time, women’s sexual desire will be stronger due to the increased estrogen secretion in the body.At the same time, with the increase of vaginal secretions, the experience of the same room and the degree of integration between the two sides will be better, which is one of the reasons why the same room is more likely to get pregnant during ovulation.

2. Rise body temperature

When the female ovulates, her follicles break, and her estrogen in her body will decrease sharply, resulting in too low base temperature.But after ovulation, the estrogen and progesterone in her body will begin to secrete a large quantity, and the basic body temperature will rise by about 0.5 degrees.Therefore, if you find that you have risen recently, you may be in the ovulation period.

3. Mild bleeding

There are mild bleeding during menstruation, excluding diseases such as inflammation.Most of them are bleeding during ovulation.Women secreted by female hormones during ovulation will stimulate the uterus and cause slight bleeding of the uterus.This is also a good time for conception.

4, ovulation pain

In simple terms, ovulation pain is caused by small abdominal pain when the ovaries are sucking into the fallopian tube, called ovulation pain.However, this signal is not obvious for some people, and because the ovulation ovary is different every month, the parts of ovulation pain are different.

The above is a manifestation of the ovulation period. I believe that women in preparation can also clearly feel that they must seize this rare opportunity, and the success rate will increase a lot.

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